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Stop-motion video


This is a very short example of stop-motion video. The boy that created this was your age and was one of my student’s from last year. This example was one of the first movies he made. He got a lot better at these over time. I thought about Adam when I saw this. If you have an ipad we can get an app that allows you to make stop motion video, just like this. What do you think?


Comments on: "Stop-motion video" (17)

  1. The stop motion video was really good and I wonder how long it takes to do all the pictures and then make it into a video, that is really cool.

  2. The stop motion video required a lot of ORGANIZATION because they had to click the photos, merge them into a video, etc, etc. It must have taken about 45 minutes to do all that stuff!

  3. Moraa Siika said:

    The stop motion video shows a lot of time, effort and energy. As Jai said, these videos take a long time to create. You have to be committed and patient- organization. This video is very creative.

  4. I think this video is very good and awesome. And I think the boy take action and effort. I don’t have a i pad. But I researched the stop-motion video soft (free soft. for other computer (not mac)), and I want to upload that stop-motion video soft. But I need to ask my mother and father. And if I upload the that soft I want to make stop-motion video about my passion, so I write plan for stop-motion video in my passion projects book.

  5. For a child our age, the video is very good. I also really connect with this as I love photography, science-fiction or interesting fiction, and building LEGO! I have also found out that stop-motion videos are ART, you use ART (props) in videos or movies, etc.. As you can see, ART takes part in videos, movies, and pretty much everything. Art is not only drawing, and sculpting. Art is a lot more if you uncover it’s true meaning, and meet with it’s inner self. 🙂

  6. Saloni Patel said:

    The stop motion video was amazing. Like Jai said it requires a lot of organization. Adam for your passion this is a really good idea.

  7. The video isn’t coming up for me

  8. What is it called on YouTube

  9. I think that the the stop motion video required a lot of Organisation, time and effort. The boy took action and stop motion videos take a long time to make so I think that he was committed to do it.

  10. I think the stop motion video shows a lot of time, effort and energy. my driver called Akida doesn’t have good organization and good time mangment if mom says come late he will come early and mom says come early he will come late and wants only half day plus he wants full amount salary. For this he needs to come to Mr Chad he will teach him how to mantain time

  11. Sir I can not see the video for both posts.Mabye it just doesn’t work well on the I pad.
    And my mums computer is broken.So I can not do a post.

  12. samia juma said:

    That must have taken a long time.You can see in the video that he had organization skills and that he was committed in making the stop motion video.The video is nice.

  13. This video helped me how a motion video works thanks sir. 😉

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