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Which visual best reflects how you have empowered yourself to take a lead and become more organized and independent? Explain why this visual shows the way in which you are taking action. How do you know what you look like is a cycle, hierarchy, process, chaos or being inconsistent? Why do you think organization could look different or change depending on the situation?


Comments on: "What does organization look like for you?" (33)

  1. Saloni Patel said:

    I think mine is either the steps/process or the hierarchy which looks like a family tree.

    It is the steps/process because I plan first then do things in steps. It is also the hierarchy because first I am interacting with my parents and Mr Chad. I then also seek help from other people like my friends and other family members.

  2. I think organization is being committed,trust and mostly

  3. I think that I am on steps and hierarchy steps looks like stairs and hierarchy looks like a family tree.

  4. Moraa Siika said:

    I think my hot spot is a process, because on some days I will be flying on my hot spot and another day I am not flying. I won’t be able turn my hot into a bright spot in a second, it is a journey. I’m taking baby steps.

  5. I think the visual(s) that represent my organization and independence are the steps/process and the hierarchy.

    The steps show whether I am improving in my level of independence and organization.
    The hierarchy shows how other people (my mum, Mr Chad, etc.) are connected to my action. I start my action, then I tell my mum to monitor me, and send evidence to Mr Chad. In the end, they get back to me and assist me. 🙂

    • Pranay Hira said:

      Your ideas always seem out of the box. But they are there, just there, and some of us (like me) can’t find it. I like simple things, but they should be unique. On the other hand, how come you are working on 2 hot spots at once?

  6. samia juma said:

    I think that I am on steps because I do one thing after another wich is like steps.

  7. I think my hot spot is a process because I will have to learn to clean my room, empty out my stuff, etc,etc. As Moraa said, it’s a journey. It won’t happen overnight. I’m taking baby steps.

  8. I think line graph, step and process is better to empowered myself. Because line graph and step is show organize or not organize. So I can know (if you write the happen things) next time what I need to do , and I can think back on organization. Process is I can know what I need to do, like the to do list. If you don’t write process you forgot what you need to do and become not feel good, be flustered and be in a hurry. So you make failure. I think organization could change depending on the situation, because if you hard work you don’t achieve, but if you work hard you achieve something.

  9. As Moraa said I think of my hot spots and I think that I am finding solutions and making my life more organized. The picture that represents my hot spots is the steps, because as I go further I improve.

  10. The steps are like life to me it shows every step of my life and i need to reach the highest step of mine not pushing myself or not struggling just have to take it in a pace.
    Just like swimming we take it in a pace.

    You might have heard the story of the tortoise and the hair SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE it doesn’t mean that if you go slow you win it means NEVER RUSH do things in a pace.

    I am sure you guys will help me reach the highest step.

    I hope i have shown enough explanation.

  11. My organization skills show a process. This can change depending on the situation because for my different hotspots it can involve different people. The process shows how I am taking action because I am taking action step by step.

  12. i think I am the circle one. I like to know the idea and then work around it. This helps me take my thinking to different levels.

    I think organization can look different because it all depends on what you are trying to organize. If I am trying to organize my cupboard, I think the step would work because you need to follow step by step. If I am trying to write a story, then the bubble one works better as I have the idea and then my story has to work around it.

  13. I think organization is when you your committed ,clean and trustful because it is like the question Mr. chad asked ”does organization makes happiness” and yes it does 😎

  14. I think organization is when you are commited and trustful like mr chad says achieving even the simplest thing requires organization.

  15. taiak 2013 said:

    i think i am working on getting a noter hot spot but i have to finish this one the race is on
    books i read so far
    -diary of a wimpy kid
    -horrid henry
    and i don’t read
    -artimis foul
    -persy jacson
    thank you

  16. I think mine is a step/ stair case because let’s take an example my hot spot I am stepping to independence like 1 2 3 and 4 then everyone trusts me. This week hot spot is feeding my fishes and sometimes I am flying or not I have got a solution bring a alarm and make a time table. Home learning task A I have added one thing make a bar graph showing my hot spot that’s evidence. This week home learning I think I will fly away like a butterfly or swim away like a dolphin

  17. Pranay Hira said:

    I guess mine is steps, but my room is still messy. It’s steps because it is the simplest way from all. I take small steps, but it shows in the end how much I’ve done.

  18. My hot spot is reading this week, so for this particular task I choose the visual showing process. This is because I have been challenging myself to read for min 45 min a day and move a couple of chapters day by day….. and eventually finish the book. Each chapter connects with next and its important to read the first chapter and move on to the next and the next………..till the end.
    yes the visuals can change e.g I was focussing on my writing skills and decided to do a couple of comprehensions on newspaper and magazine articles and the visual with the 5 dots describes my organisational skills. …working on different articles making them bright spots from hot spots.
    As for my time management I am honest to say I am still inconsistent because sometimes i come late as I miss the bus and the traffic is like a chain of mini zapped cars.

  19. My hot spot is cleaning my room,and it is going on as steps, because whenever I clean my room it looks two times better than last time. It is going on like this because I increase my commitment and energy to make my room look tidy and organized .

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