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Chance and Data


This is a photo of Mehwish rolling a dice and recording how many times she rolled either a 1,2,3,4,5 or 6. She then designed a graph from her investigation. Her graph shows real data.

What other things can you think relate to chance or probability?

Example: If I was playing tennis how many first serves would I get in over 3 games?


Comments on: "Chance and Data" (22)

  1. samia juma said:

    I think that chance and data is really helping us. We really need to learn chance and data even more because it can help us out in our daily lives.

  2. I think chance and data is very beneficial to us because we can learn how interpret real data. This is beneficial because now we know how to read, create and manipulate graphs for our own purposes.

  3. Pranay Hira said:

    I thing data handling was fun and cool. Especialy the one of heads or tails.

  4. Example: How many times can I succeed in serving the ball.

  5. Moraa Siika said:

    As Samia said, probability comes in our everyday life. For example, the weather. If it is rainy for 2 days and cloudy for 4 days. The most likely weather on the last day, would be cloudy. This is because, the more, the likelier. It is not certain, but is likely. There are other examples. For example, there are 9 blue marbles 8 red marbles and 3 green marbles. The most likely colour to be chosen is blue. This is because, the more items, the likelier. Using that data, you can turn it into a graph.

  6. As Moraa and Samia said, probability is in our everyday lives. For example: 10 yellow marbles,8 blue marbles and 6 ted matbles, it is most likely to pick a yellow marble.

  7. Probability can happen whenever you want. Sorry, what I meant was, you can create a probability at any time. About the whether, our blog, etc..


    -The probability of it raining over the next week is UNLIKELY.
    -The probability of every student in our class writing a comment on our class blog, and I am being completely honest, is UNLIKELY/POSSIBLE (some numpties won’t go).

    As you can see, probability can apply in almost everything. 🙂
    Probability is very important to Math.

  8. I liked the UNLIKELY, POSSIBLE ,IMPOSIBLE part because I learnt more like I never knew that we used unlikely I used to think that it was not so sure but this is the real word.

  9. What is the probability that if I have a bag of jelly beans, I will pull out a blue one? This is my favorite flavor.

  10. chance and probability because you check the amount of something
    for example:a bag of jelly beans.

  11. Saloni Patel said:

    I connect chance and data to real life situations. If you are working in a business and you are supposed to show how much money you have raised and on what day. It is very easy to show this by drawing a bar graph.

    Today was really fun when doing chance and data as me and Zaena kept on arguing and trying to provoke each other to right down a certain answer. I loved to see Zaena stepping foward and correcting me.

  12. >Taita Hills school trip will be cancelled so it is most unlikely that we will go for it (Awwwh :P)
    > When you flip a coin it can land on heads or tails, so its a 50-50 chance of landing on either head or tail, unless you have a magician coin which has tails or heads on both sides :)))))
    > spinning the arrow where you have to place a bet on a number on the board and then spin the arrow and when it lands on a number u chose thats the winning number….its a game of chance.

  13. For Mr Chad it depends how you play like you are good less serves and not good more serves.
    What mehwish is doing is rolling ten times while rolling she records how many got later own you make a graph to show what is your records. Today I was with Tiana I likes how she was doing chance and data she stepping up her krptonite is improving!

  14. As Moraa, Samia and sarah said probability comes in our everday live. These are a few examples:

    . If you have 20 green marbles, 1 red marble and 0 yellow marbles. It is likely to get a green or red marble but it is impossible to get a yellow marble.

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