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A driver is someone who makes things happen. Before this can happen there must be a spark. A spark is what motivates you to want to do something about it. This is a photo of Sarah at her own stall at school for the Bazaar. No one told her to do this. No one helped her to do this. This was something that she organized and made happen because she is a driver and not a passenger.

What is something that you are “driving” at the moment on your own?


Comments on: "Driver" (21)

  1. Something I am ‘Driving’ at the moment is going to the blog. I am consistently here. I write comments and give positive (and sometimes negative) feedback to others.

  2. I think I am driving in many things. Although, I am driving the most in Passion Projects (honestly; look at my book for evidence), hot spots and bright spots, and blogging and my Maths; mostly blogging. I drive the most when I am really committed, or when I enjoy doing something. Clearly, I AM committed, and I DO enjoy doing these four things.

    I am mostly driving in blogging as:

    1. I’m on the blog daily.
    2. I love accessorizing and playing around on the dashboard to add things on my blog.
    3. My favourite- Every evening/night, my mum calls for something, like ‘Dinner’s ready’. I say OK, engaged in the blog. Suddenly, 20 minutes have gone and I haven’t moved!
    P.S- Ask my mum. I’m not lying. My mum even considered banning from blogging!

  3. I think now i’m driving with my passion playing with ideas with my passion i am steping up i am showing commitment.

  4. samia juma said:

    I think I am driving on our blog because I am constantly here.

  5. Ruby is driving and she is flyer. Because she can think own self. I’m driving on this concentricthinking. Because I’m coming every day, and I posted a comment on here. But my blog is sometimes I’m driving. I’m there Monday to Friday, But I blog post good one and not good one. That means I’m not complete the Blog-Most Have. So I can’t say I’m driver on the my blog.

  6. I think I am driving for the hot spots and going to the blog. I now I am independent in those things because I am consistently on the blog and I am organizing my hot spots independently.

  7. I am driving the organization of my book , what to put, what animals people or objects to put in .etc

  8. Well i think i am DRIVING in passion projects the most if i go on you tube and listen to a song that i like i write it down.the evidence is in my book or you can ask Rahul, Praney and Tiana i was sitting with them and writing my song.

    Well i am even good on the blog but sometimes i really don’t write a thoughtful comment but i am still a DRIVER.

  9. Moraa Siika said:

    I am a driver on the blog. The blog is a habit for me. The blog brings learning home. I am also driving on my blog. I put a post everyday, which is thoughtful, detailed and connects to the picture or video. I think I am driving with my hot spots because my wardrobe is neat, my To Do Lists are going well and dumping my clothes is no longer a habit. I have evidence on my blog.

  10. I am driving in going to the blog. My solution was to get internet on my phone. This has helped me become more independent.

  11. I am driving with my passion project because I like doing it and I saw ruby at the bazzer.

  12. I am driving at constantly going to the blog, I go there everyday and push myself to write thoughtful comments.

  13. To be honest I decided to have the stall as a surprise for my mum.You know to be at the stall I had to be disciplined because mum would later call her friends to find out my behavior.But the best part was when Mr.Chad was Santa and he too had to be organized like us. It was fun and I earned good my first customer was Mrs Rukiya Cochu who supported me. Thank you. It’s was fun when I got a chance to have a image with santa Chad mostly the one I sat on the laps.

  14. Saloni Patel said:

    I am driving with mine and our blog. I always comment on the blog and post on my blog. I am also driving with my kryptonite and hot spot.

  15. I’m driving in my passion project because this is my passion
    and no one can stop me from my passion and i take my
    passion everywhere with me.

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