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Team Challenge





The team mangers will be taking photos of you working and learning together. The above photos are some of the things people were doing today. The sleeping arrangements group did a lot of work today. This is what they created as their first draft of who is sleeping in what rooms. This is evidence of learning. Well done to Ayann, Taia, Riko and Khaleel


How are things working in your team? Are you showing organization? Do you know when to step up (leader/driver) and when to step back (follower/passenger)?

What is your plan tomorrow? How are you going to organize yourselves to achieve the things you need to do?


Comments on: "Team Challenge" (33)

  1. I can create my pie graph as soon as my team mates e-mail me the data.

  2. In the group that I am in (team manager) are going around the class and making sure that all the teams are doing well and are co-operating. We also take videos and pictures of groups and to show how they are doing (EVIDENCE!)

    • Hahaha! You have to do almost everything for a group that is not cooperating. But you are like a teacher so no one can say that you are bossy. Many people would say that if you were helping them in a way they didn’t like.

      • Oh yeah. Take good photos.

      • We don’t have to do almost everything for a group that doesn’t co-operate, but assist, help them and guide them on the way. We are not bossing anyone, but giving them our honest ideas and being firm for their good. Getting this role isn’t a joke, but a great responsibility.

  3. In my group { What to bring } We were writing down a list of people in the class who have medication problems so that we can make a table of who will go to which room to tell the classes when to take their medicine, { if the classes have medication problems }. Then we were writing things to bring in the back pack things not to bring and what to bring in the big soft bag.

  4. My team is working really well. This is because at the end of visiting each group we would come together and discuss. This is organization. Our plan is to individually visit each group again and solve their problems. After that we will pin up our notes on the board and discuss.

  5. My team is working on What to bring to be honest I like Mr chad choice for putting me in this group at home I am writing the list and I feel like I am leading in my group and I am driver to day me and my team fought but we have realized I was right. Zaena came to my group and said I was doing wrong but Mr Chad said I was correct I said to my self maybe Nicole,Zaena,and Sarah made a mistake. Mr chad tomorrow I will bring my bubble catcher and you will see what I have done…

  6. Me and Samia have been working well together. We went to Mr. Jason’s office and asked him if we could see the bus so we could plan who was siting with who. We went to check if the bus had seat belts, a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and there was. After that, we went to the library and drew a plan on the computer of the bus on coral paint to draw the seating plan. We are organized and working well.

  7. Today am sorry to say I felt Zaena was being kind of rude to me I did not get a chance to say what I had to say I know you are a team manager but still you are equal to us so we can do something we feel is right Mr Chad I need your permission we can have team manager but we still do if our idea is nice and right today Zaena did was wrong I think if we have team mangers and tell us what to do they will be problems coming up like today but still am sorry to say

  8. Our group had started well,because Adam and I were writing down the teams and Talal and Lutfi were telling us the names that we missed so that everybody will be in a team.After that we did not cooperate well in the Library.I am not sure I know when to step up or step back.

  9. I ment we can have team manager but still we can do our ideas if it’s correct or nice and detailed

  10. Thanks pranay I will remember that next time while writing

  11. Things are working well in the ‘Team Manager’ group as we have shared our ideas together, posted up the feedback, given firm ideas to groups, and more. We have everything under control, so I guess we are organized. Our plan tomorrow is to continue what we are doing, and to be organized. Keep it up, everyone! πŸ˜‰

  12. i think the group work is very important to get us to work together and get ideas

  13. In the food group things went well.We are thinking to write down the food allergies and the medication .
    We are asking people about what they cant eat so that we can inform the hotel to put what the people can eat.

  14. People are cooperating in our group which is the sleeping arrangement cause since we are 2 boys and 2 girls so the girls will arrange the girls and the boys will arrange the boys and if someone does like the arrangement they give a good reason why 😎

  15. Hye guys sorry i was bussy celebrating on my birthday at night i think taia’s and tiana’s group are flying right now it has been so offten that from the other groups people are not trying that includes me sorry if you think i’m wrong tell me.

  16. The my team (sleeping arrangements group) is organize. We made the draft. My plan is I need to ask it is fair or not.

  17. samia juma said:

    I think that Tiana and I,(The bus arrangements group)work well together as a team.I agree with Nawaf and Pranay because sometimes even I do not know when to step up or step back.

  18. I need to make the main big official copy of the teams I also need to print that copy and put it on our board so people can see the teams and give us feed back.

    • But please don’t change the teams because it can take along time for the sake of the trip please don’t change the teams it doesn’t matter of the names. πŸ™‚

  19. My group is not working very well we cant agree on who does what. I have been good guy for to long now its time to go Mr bad guy (my group wont like it. 😦

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