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Year 5 Trip




These photos are of White Elephant, the place we will be going to in March.

At the moment you are in teams and responsible for organizing your challenge. The managers reported today that some people are already showing signs that indicate a lack of focus, drive and commitment.

The ironic thing here is that the people who should be reading this post, are the ones that don’t come to it. True?

The people who are always on the blog, (you know who you are because you are reading this right now) are the ones that consistently are putting in the time, energy and effort to make this trip a success.

I am a little lost with this, any ideas how we can get the others to step up? What can we do to inspire them and motivate them to be part of this experience?





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  1. We can inspire them by showing them the awesome posts here during the school day (If we can fit in the time). Then they might be inspired to come every day for a new post.

  2. taiak 2013 said:

    we can inspire them by walking to them and ask this hard questions to why they are not taking part.

  3. Saloni Patel said:

    We can motivate them to come on the blog by showing them how much learning fun there is. We can also provoke them to come on the blog daily by discussing how exciting the blog post was the next day.

  4. I don’t think that we should do anything. They miss it, they miss it. They are responsible for themselves, aren’t they?

  5. It is very true that the people who are not focused in class are not focused or committed to the blog at the same time, I think we can help them by walking to them and asking them to take part by telling them every day so that maybe they can get tempted and come to the blog or we can help them push themselves but not the forcing kind of push the helping kind of push. That is what I think so that they take a lead and go to the blog.

    • I think you are right and wrong. You are right that we needed to push them. But we have already pushed them. Once in the post of Kryptonite, we had more than a hundred comments. All of us had commented at least 5 times. So why encourage them now? They know that comming to the blog is a priority. Then why don’t they?

    • I agree with Pranay ,you are right and wrong because the numpties wouldn’t come to the blog since they would not like to take their learning further ,or they are just lazy and don’t like work or wasting time.You are right because the people who come to the blog are focused and committed ,and those who don,t come are not.

  6. We can motivate them by showing them that in the blog there is a lot of fun blog posts to read about but there is also a lot of learning in the blog so we can show them that they are missing out on the blog and so that will motivate them to go to the blog.

  7. Let’s all talk as much as we can about the blog and get everyone involved.

  8. Good idea Tiana

  9. I think we should talk more about BLOG so that everyone can get involved and write comments.

  10. We can encourage to go to the BLOG by like M.R CHAD can call names of the people
    who went to the blog and witch m.r chad never,they stand up and give m.r chad a good
    excuse f it’s good enogh they can sit.Starting from tommorow,good luck.

    • Fine, the Numpties get in trouble by Mr Chad, but that won’t help their thinking, or make them feel that the blog is awesome. They’ll just feel bad about it, then forget about the blog. You know them.
      And please, Fatma, use PUNCTUATION. I just luckily understood what you typed,but it’s really hard to understand. Use punctuation. 🙂

      • Please check your spelling and punctuation Fatma,and no excuses because Mr Chad does not like excuses, and Rahul is right , if Mr Chad punishes a numptie they wont listen.

  11. I think in ICT time, the people who fly on the blog should assist the others and show them how much fun they’ve been missing. It’s worth a try; even if some Numpties ignore us, we’ve tried. I know we should never give up on some people on our team, but basically it’s their loss, not ours. It’s their decision on what to do- encourage them, yes and good, but don’t force anyone. I know that none of those Numpties will read this, but even if it’s your loss, the whole team feels your loss, and loses with you. If ONE team member falls/fails/loses, the whole team goes down too. So please, everyone, come to the blog. If you are, excellent. Mr Chad made this blog and writes posts everyday, not for his pleasure, but for our learning. It’s your choice, to either come to the blog and win by learning more, or stay back alone like a lonely Numpty, with no new knowledge, and fail, and regret it.

    Please, really, please come to the blog everyone, for your own good. 🙂 It’s your choice, to win or to fail.

  12. We can motivate them by telling them what is on the blog and how cool it would be if they could join us on the blog.If they go on the blog we can praise them so that they can do it for the rest of the year.But if they don`t thats just who they are.

    • I like your idea. Maybe if they start consistently going on the blog, we could give them an award or a small prize. Just maybe, but then they should,nt get a prize for something we expect them to do….
      Good strategy. I wonder when those Numpties will ever come to their senses.

  13. We can manipulate them into helping us with the planning by letting them be the drivers ,and we step back, because if we let them share their ideas they will be moved and think we appreciate him/her knowledge,so they will start helping

  14. I like the sleeping gruop aregment group how they be organized making the rooms fair and the peole to sleep and tianas group making shour everyone at the trip must have a sit for our journey to white elephant and the team manager group keeping people on the right track and start putting on there sit belts and go now we go to the food menu group telling people what food you want and if your vegetarian or not i forgot the what to bring group telling people do have medication or not the last group is our we make the teams of sports so people can have fun and enjoy and making shour everyone has been selected on the teams we selected and they will coming other teams to play at the trip the and final one is the class.Thank you.

    • Please check your punctuation and spelling Talal. And how can you get people who are not participating to participate. Talal honestly I don’t think you read ,I think you only looke at the pictures and guessed what this is all about. If you do not understand read other people comments and then you would know the topic.

    • Talal…..this is about how we can help the people that are not on the blog.

  15. I think if there is a no wifi (own blog) they tiped in a word and they bring the USB or printed out. And or they ask to the Mr.Chad and todays blog is what is about and thy write in the word and they bring the USB or printed out. But if did this ideas Mr.Chad become tired. And Ihav a another ideas. If wants to play the game first you did the home learning and then game. Yes. I think also the ironic thing here is that the people who should be reading this post, are the ones that don’t come to it.

  16. samia juma said:

    I think that the trip to white elephant will be a trip to remember.

  17. samia juma said:

    Riko,I think that what you are saying is the truth.

  18. samia juma said:

    I think that the numpties are not coming to the blog because they are starting to feel that the blog posts are becoming boring.I think that we should persuade them to come to the blog by showing them this blog post because, they are obviously excited about going to white elephant.I think that when we show them this blog post they will find out that the blog has not become boring.

  19. That is a amazing hotel look at that pool if I could I would spend hours in the pool.

  20. Jai by encouraging them.

  21. if that doesn’t work i don’t know what will work if you got an idea just write it down i shall read it or you just call them and discuss it. PROBLEM SOLVER 😎

  22. We should persuade them to come to the trip we can persuade them if we work very hard and make the place look brilliant

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