i am me because of you


a moment of sudden revelation or insight.


Let me tell you why I really like this word – Epiphany. It is not because it actually sounds cool or different, (even though it does) it goes beyond that. Really, it is about those moments in life where we really connect with an experience or idea which has a deep and true impact. So much so, that it shifts how we thought about things before and allows us to open our eyes to see a whole new way of thinking about something. Ultimately, this word is about realizing something. Learning something. Knowing something. Understanding something. This moment changes you as a person.

Can you remember a moment or time that you have experienced this feeling? The time when the light ‘went on’ for you and challenged you to think differently and move your understanding.

Provide an example of this moment and explain what happened. What shifted inside of you?


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  1. I had an epiphany when I was trying to beat a level in a game. I figured instead of attacking when the enemy’s coming, I should dodge then attack from behind and that was an epiphany because I had spent days trying to figure that out.

  2. I had an epiphany when Sarah was taking pictures and I was folowing her then when Mr.Chad explained to us why this was wrong, I then realised oh my god I really understand what Mr.Chad was saying. So I was like this is a total waste of time.

  3. I connect this to our previous blog post, where we were trying to make the Numpties have an epiphany that they are losing out. My most recent ny, which was not so deep, was last term, when Mr Chad said a new word, and why it was important, and then a few days later my parents used the same word and explained to me about my home responsibilty. I realized and connected that the word (which I can’t remember) was not only meant for school, but it was important even at home. This wasn’t exactly really deep, but it’s helped me improve at school and home, remembering my responsibilities. I like the sound of the sound of ‘epiphany’, which I’m going to add in Words my Way. 🙂

  4. samia juma said:

    I had an epiphany today when I almost forgot to come to the blog.I said to myself ”I haven’t been going to the blog so I should go to the blog right now and write a thoughtful and detailed comment on all the blog posts that I haven’t commented on”. And so here I am.

  5. Saloni Patel said:

    I had an epiphany when I entered year 5. There were no desks and chair but stools, high tables and carpets. That same day I had an epiphany when Mr Chad said that old school way was boring, and at that moment I shifted my thinking and said to myself that Mr Chad was right. Learning in the ‘new’ school way was more fun.

  6. taiak 2013 said:

    As i was playing a game called Disney infinity, i was playing the monsters university play set so i got a mission to attack and defeat all fear-tech students MU vs FT paint ball challenge
    I was 1 and they were 10. sadly,I kept on losing it was dark and there was light on some places so I got that moment of realization that if I stayed in darkness nobody could see me
    so I shot at them and won

  7. I had an epiphany when I was told to do take a glass to the kitchen sink by my mum I didn’t do it then I suddenly realized that she would feel bad and get mad at me so I took the glass to the kitchen sink before she got mad at me.

  8. Wow Mr. Chad, this is a cool word but its hard to think about when I had an epiphany! What Nicole says is true. I have had this feeling many times when my Mum or Dad tells me to do something and I’m too lazy. Yes thinking back I was selfish and mean not to help them when I was asked.

    I think my epiphany would be 2 weeks ago, when in South Africa, I saw a lady with really nice long nails. I thought to myself “I would like this”. Since then, I have stopped biting my nails and my Mum actually had to cut my nails this evening.

  9. Pranay Hira said:

    My epiphany happened when I was in a level in the game Ben 10. I thought that I could jump over this step, but I couldn’t. I tried for months(I mean it) until I gave up and went to the side. Over there was a small step that Heatblast could climb. Then from there, I took another step and I was on the big step.
    PS. Epiphiny is going to words my way.

  10. My epiphany is when I was playing a game of building and designing houses because I would love to be a professional architect when I grow up. But I wasted all my money building a book shop with 200,000 dollars and was left with only 400 dollars, and I thought hard about how to get more money and it took two weeks to realize if I plant a water melon farm and harvest them and send them to a house, and then I collect rent from that house (since I was mayor), I could get three times the amount of money I. I think this method of realization of getting more money can help int he future when i am a real architect.And by the way the game is called little big city.

  11. My Epiphany happened today to be real.When we were finding out the area and perimeter of a shape my thinking went from one stage to another. first I would say what in the world am I doing.Then after a few minutes the light went on top of me and I got it.For the first time ever I understand how to measure the perimeter and area of a shape.So my Epiphany has happened during math time ( which is kind of weird).

  12. From the time I started reading this post the word “epiphany” keeps on playing in my head. It reminds me of the time when my younger cousins were visiting from the UK. One afternoon while we were playing at the beach I suddenly realized that I was, as the eldest amongst us, responsible for their safety and well being. From that day onwards I became more protective of my younger cousins and became more responsible as an elder sister.

    This is the story of my epiphany.

  13. When i was a child i used to wander how night and day appear.

  14. I had an epiphany when I miss a blog post I always find a way to respond. I got this epiphany right now because yesterday I had no internet and now I am responding at school.

  15. I have a epiphany it’s almost like Saloni. When I came to year 5 I was shocked I thought I am in a wrong school but I was in AKAM I think the new school way is better than the boring way. This word is interesting I think I will search about this word (EPIPHANY)

  16. It is just like me today i saw that they were 100 comments

  17. taiak 2013 said:

    my god 105 comments actually it was 95 but i aded comments to 100 but the rest you people made.

  18. Taia correction 109 comments

  19. I had an epiphany when I was in year one when we had to slow dance I still remember who i danced with. When the teacher was saying we will dance I was so immature but when i was dancing didn’t feel immature any more. 🙂

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