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Synthesizing means to form something (like an an idea) by combining different parts to help us make connections.

Just like the picture it is about adding one cherry to another cherry, which helps us understand something more deeply.If we just had one cherry we may only have a limited view or idea about something. But when we combine another cherry it confirms and deepens our knowledge.

In simple terms, it basically means that you take parts or pieces to form or create an idea. It is bit like a jig-saw puzzle. You connect two pieces together to get a better idea of what the picture is of or about.

Everyday we synthesize things. We bring pieces of information together and connect them to understand something and make a conclusion about. This helps us to make sense of things and what it means to us.

Give an example of when you have synthesized ideas or information to help you see the bigger picture, and understand something you did not know from before.


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  1. While playing a game, I synthesized when instead of going for thugs, I should go for the boss as that would hurt him. Let me tell you, that made the boss fight a lot.

  2. I once connected two words; independent and organized. I connected these two words because you have to independent to be organised and organised to be independent. I also combined something in a game, similar to Jai’s. I had an epiphany that you don’t need to defeat the boss minions, just avoid them and defeat the boss, which will automatically kill the minions. I had an epiphany while combining/synthesizing. 🙂

  3. When we are working in our TEAMS we always put our information together to make it one piece of information.

    Like if you tell your partner do half of the work and I will do half and then if you put it together it makes a full piece of information.

  4. Moraa Siika said:

    An example of synthesizing is baking. When I bake with my sister, it takes a long time if we both do the same job. It would be easier if my sister cracked the eggs, while I measure the sugar. It wouldn’t be necessary if we could both do different things, but we do the same things. At the end, we can come together to create something tasty, faster.

  5. samia juma said:

    My example of synthesizing is similar to Moraa’s.When I work with Tiana to make our visual of the bus arrangements,we spend time on one visual.It would be easier and faster for us if she worked on one visual and I work on another.It depends though,because sometimes the computers are not available because others are using it.I cannot ask them to use it because maybe they really need to finish their work and it takes more time and energy than my work.

  6. An example of synthesizing is when you want to know a meaning of a word. You get different meanings and then try to understand the meanings to work out the meaning of a word.

  7. An example a session. If there is a do not know that things, we just telling the everyones information or knowledge, and we are helping each other and we are telling the an opinion. And then we are coming up the response. That is called team work.

  8. The moment I was synthesizing was when my group. wanted send Mr chad a fair copy of the copy to print instead of doing it together (because we would argue) we all did our own copy and then we voted for the best one so that we could send it to Mr chad.

  9. I think synthesize means working on something bit by bit and getting a result. Like Samia said, we worked in the library today. She did her work on one computer and I did mine on another computer. We each had our own ideas. These are like the jigsaw pieces Mr. Chad talks about. Putting our pieces together, will help us get a better picture of what we are doing.

  10. Almost like Moraa. When me and my sister cook lunch we fight when we are doing the same job. Last time I told her to make the drinks and I will do the topping of the dessert for lunch since she is 16 she can cook I will get the ingredients she is well trained then me. My group is 40% disorganized Jonathan told me that they already finished the camp list today it took them about 4 days to the list we argued so jona did something else and nicc did something else. This writing I have wrote is almost opposite for team manager and me.

  11. An example of synthesizing is when there were two jobs for our group in what to bring, it was the medication and the camp list so me and Jonathan kept on telling Ruby we do the camp list together then we do the medication together but Ruby kept on saying no then i had an epiphany and realized that if we split up we would do the work faster.

  12. In school now I am being honest I hate me and someone else doing the same job I end up saying HELLO lady or gentlemen go and do another job you are making my chocolate head have a tumor but I enjoy something in the slow dance me and the others are doing the same move so I thought of spinning oh yah MR CHAD i want to do a slow dance tomorrow at any cost

  13. Saloni Patel said:

    The words I synthesize are time-management and organization. I always synthesize about these two words. For evidence visit my blog.

    I also synthesize when I have to take action to do something, like making a phone tree. I think of one good idea and another to make a great idea. (Good + Good= Great)

  14. The word SYNTHESIZE to me means when you see something and you want to understand it more.So SYNTHESIZE means taking action in different ways to come to a solution.

  15. Synthesis means like to read to things and cooperate it in 1 meaning it is just like connecting 😎

  16. taiak 2013 said:

    synthesize means to me wen you see some thing and you won’t to discover more

  17. Pranay Hira said:

    I synthesize when I come across a hard word in a book. I read the sentence over and over again, to understand the true meaning. It’s fun, but it wastes time.
    P.S. Isn’t my Gravatar awesome. I ump and I am in the air when the photo is captured.

  18. Thank you samia I think i am a numptie in punctuation but don’t worry I will try my best next time today I was in a rush so I just typed and did not go through it. But samia kg thanks for reminding me

  19. I synthesize when I am doing my homework and I say oh……I remember MR CHAD saying
    this now I get it .That’s how your able to connect with something.Just had a synthesize now I
    just remembered to go to the blog.

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