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  1. I went to the bbc bitesize and I did a few activities which were a little bit hard to do because I was not in class when the class was talking about task c. I also did the making inferences and I did some more by clicking on the flower at the bottom.

  2. Just now doing the activities. I’ll just now give feedback on it soon. 🙂

    • The Maths ‘revision’ assessment was awesome! The test was somewhat brain-draining, but it was mostly easy. I got everything correct, except for two questions, that I didn’t understand. I was forced to use the clues (‘reveal’ button). Anyway, I really put focus and enjoyed it because, as I always say, when I enjoy something, I put a lot of focus and commitment. I’ve made a quote that I think is true: ‘You do better in things you enjoy because you feel you have to’. 🙂

  3. lutfiwelton said:

    I have done bbc bitesize I do it at my tuition I have reached ks3.

  4. Sir is it a reading activity or writing activity I don’t understand.

  5. IT is task d MATHS.

  6. I am currently doing the activities, I will respond soon.

    • The revision was great! It prepared us for any other classwork. The test was easy because we did it in class. I remembered all the answers so I finished it correctly without problems.

      The inferences were easy. I clicked on the flower and I did the extra practice. It was really easy.

  7. The TASK C is a important for me. Because I don’t know the percentage wisely. So I think I need to learn about the percentage from the beginning. The TASK C is easy for me. I think these are training. Because TASK D is for for the more deepen the maths (percentage), and TASK C is for more deepen the reading.

  8. taiak 2013 said:

    hi sorry i could not come to school today I was sick but i will come tomorrow anyway i think by not coming i am catching up in school and i am happy but this gave me come info on what task D and C.

  9. samia juma said:

    I don’t know how to do it.It’s all mixed up.

  10. Saloni Patel said:

    For the inference I did the revision and the test. All my answers in my book which I thought were right except one.

  11. Guys, I have a question. What were you supposed to write in your books?

  12. Okay be honest Ruby. So I was saying the page had a problem in my IPad so I will check tomorrow what was the problem of the WiFi then straight to the web page.

  13. This was a fun way of doing my home learning. I am going to look for more websites with this kind of learning. I will share the sites with you all.

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