i am me because of you

0.05, 5%, 5/100

How did this help you today?

How could we take this further to help you turn this into knowledge and understanding.

Is this information correct? Explain your thinking.



Comments on: "0.05, 5%, 5/100" (45)

  1. Not all of the answers are correct because the denominators (numbers) vary, meaning that it is confusing. Maybe if the answers are well-thought, then the work will be very good. Anyway, well done Talal! I love your colour patterns. Please explain your fraction and decimal answers, because I don’t get. Well done, you’ve stepped up! Now, IMPROVE MORE. 🙂

  2. Talal, some answers were not correct. Although, you were mostly correct. Well done!

    This helped us because we could show our workings-out in a more creative way.

  3. Saloni Patel said:

    Not all of the answers are correct. Especially in the decimal part. The first one is really hard to understand as it is scribbled on.

    Talal to make work better I suggest next time use the same colour that you used to colour in the box when writing about it.

    Despite all this your work is very detailed. You have put time and energy into it. Keep on stepping up!

  4. taiak 2013 said:

    i found this sub jest very interesting in the sense that it tough me how to convert the different units

  5. Some answers are wrong in the decimal part.I can see in the first part
    he scribbled abit and his work is messy.Talal is stepping up.

  6. Some of Talal’s answers weren’t write but Talal has stepped up and he has done some nice patterns on the paper. This helped because I could see math in an artistic way but still connected to learning.

  7. Talal has done a good job and has stepped up.

    I thought this was a fun way of doing math’s and we learned quite a lot of percentages, decimals, fractions.

  8. Come on guys lets have MORE AND MORE AND MORE COMMENTS we should be having at least 30 comments we should be writing about this post like FIRE.

  9. This imformation is not correct. But Color, Number, Fraction and Percent is correct. Only Decimal is not crrect. Because Purple(I can’t read) is 0.10, Green is 0.10, Blue 0.16 and Yellow is 0.16. But Talals is a Green 0.010, Blue is 0.016 and Yellow is a 0.016 (I can’t read the Purple). But Talal is stepped up! This helped me. Because I’m not wise in persent. But this is a easy to understand for me and also I can learn amusing about the persent.

  10. I feel as if Talal is trying to get up there.Trying to be the annoying one ( not the bad one by the way). Wants to be a driver like the rest of us.I feel as if this work is shifting my knowledge from one point to the other.I think that we should keep on doing this work until every one gets it.

  11. It is true Talals information is false. During this I felt inspired by including art into maths because it felt great to do art combined with maths I dont think I really know how to explain how I felt properly because it was a feeling. We all get feelings that when you fell something you cant explain that feeling. Thats exactly how I felt.

  12. I really liked how maths is also combined to art so you are enjoying colouring plus you are learning maths. I really like the patterns for your maths Talal but next time really think about those answers 😊😊😊😊

  13. samia juma said:

    This helped me a bit to improve on my maths and see all the different aspects of it.It is really fun.I am definitely IN!

  14. I enjoyed doing Arths it was fun

    To turn into knowledge: We could do it at least thrice a week.

    Correction: I did not understand the decimal of color purple. All decimals were wrong for example ,green, it is meant to be 0.10 not 0.010

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