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What does good look like?


Sarah and Jai are interested in the same thing – learning about coal and the impact this has on the wider-environment. They are learning and working together. Both of them are researching information and using this to deepen their understanding and shift their thinking. They are discussing, challenging, reading, writing, listening and organizing their ideas and thoughts to help them find the answers they are looking for.






Comments on: "What does good look like?" (23)

  1. I was really struggling with time and my activities, so I couldn’t do any research. Sorry. 😦 I was a faker today. I promise I’ll do my research today (in fact I’m doing it now). I bet I’ll do good research today. You researching guys are ON! πŸ™‚

  2. I thought I did pretty well. I’ll do the same tomorrow. Only, I developed very few questions. Tomorrow, I need to develop more.

  3. Today Ayann and I are found the book about the water from library. And tomorrow I need to collect the sentences from the book and I’ll write to the my bubble catcher. I wat to develop my knowledge!

  4. Saloni Patel said:

    Today my learning looked like paraphrasing information from a book of how chocolate is made into Tiana’s and my scroll. Also my learning today looked like helping and giving some ideas to Tiana like collecting wrappers and making a silent ball. Half of the idea was mine and the other half was Tiana’s.

  5. I,think when you work with someone that is doing the same thing because maybe there is something that you don’t know and you tell the other person something they didn’t know. Like today Jai answered 2 of my questions and I developed new vocabulary like seam and I came up with more questions.

  6. I have already researched right now and I might print it myself or send the link to mr. Chad.

  7. samia juma said:

    I’m sorry.Today I was a numptie.I have already done my research and I have printed it out.I will bring it in tomorrow.

  8. Sorry for being foolish today.

    • You guys should not beat yourselves up so much ,this was just to teach you to put in more effort in your work. Like some of you researched but you had no evidence.

  9. I studied my diagram of the process of burgers,to understand it better then I went to the library to look for books. With difficulty I found two books. The books helped me shift my thinking to another level like at first I thought burgers were healthy but know I know they put preservatives that can harm you.

  10. Riko and I went down to the library together.we looked through some books and finally we got 3 good books.The books really helped me today.Because if I didn`t get them I would be on the carpet like every one else writing a story.

  11. Jai and Sarah are on fire remember ACHIEVING THE SIMPLEST THING LIKE WORKING IN GROUPS REQUIRES ORGANIZATION like Mr Chad always say know I am little Chad how cute. I used my time well today.

  12. I am working on ELECTRICITY and i have to reaserch more and write a contract to my dad about how we use electricity in our house.

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