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Use this visual to help guide your inquiry while making the connections within and across Society, Environment and the Economy. What is the relationship between your inquiry and the effect it has on each of these? How can you find out the information you need to help explain this further? How will learning and knowing this help deepen your own understanding about the impact we have on the things we eat, use or buy?



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  1. The relationship between these three words/groups is very close. Electricity goes around the whole SOCIETY, and the society gives ECONOMY/pays money for the electricity use. The environment gets spoiled as wood is cut for power lines, power plants give out fumes, and metal is also used for the electric transformers. This is only what I’ve found out right now. I’m still researching! 🙂 Keep up with your inquiries, guys!

  2. The relationship between the words is really, really close. For example, coal goes to the KPLC and the KPLC burns it and gives electricity to the SOCIETY. The SOCIETY pays money (ECONOMY) but the coal mining scars the ENVIRONMENT. This is what I have found out so far.

    • Jai you are correct. But how is electricity made of coal?

    • That’s amazing, Jai. I love your thoughtful. That there is already part of your final draft. Now you just need to SHOW IT in a creative way. I really like the way you wrote ‘scars’ instead of spoils. That’s using more deep, connective words. Well done! Excellent. Perfect! 🙂

  3. The effects of coal with those words is really easy. A group of people find coal and prepare it/society/miners.Coal goes to shops and people buy/economy. Coal effects the environment because coal pollutes the air and that is not good for trees and the environment.

  4. The effects of coal are when we cook food with coal the smoke pollutes the air and it affects the ozone layer and enviroment. People transport it to shops or people sell it on the streets and we buy the coal and people that transport it society.

  5. The air gets polluted if we use allot of electricity there is a picture of one side nice and fresh and the other DRY. We do not want our HOME become dry do we?

  6. What happened to the post title? I think it should be SOCIETY, ECONOMY, ENVIRONMENT.

  7. What is a SOCIETY?

    • A society is a group of people, each with their own position. Society is usually in a hierarchy. At the top of the Mombasa society, we have Governor Joho. The rest…you can figure it out.
      I hope I was helpful Riko.

  8. The relationship between close. Because how to make the plastic bottle connect with ECONOMY. Water sollution connect with ENVIRONMENT. Where is the water come from is connect with SOCIETY.

  9. These are related.For example if you are making a barbeque you use coal and it affects the environment.People also sell coal.

  10. Burger connects allot to economy, since you pay money and you can start a fast food business.Burgers also impact society, because people from the community buy these unhealthy burgers and harm their bodies.Nature can be included since, nature is destroyed or polluted to make one burger.

  11. Economy effects my inquiry because people are cutting down trees
    to get business.Society doesn’t connect to my inquiry at all.Environment connects
    to my because by people cutting down trees that effects the environment.

  12. Saloni Patel said:

    The relationship between chocolate and these strands is that farmers first grow the cocoa trees which only in countries which are near the equator and this is related to the environment. The cocoa beans the are shipped to factories which make the chocolate which is based on economy. Also the chocolates that society buys is economy.

    Some farmers don’t get paid much because of slow businesses so the cut down the tree which destroys the environment. Also some farmers grow the cocoa tree in the sun and not in the shade which is bad because weeds grow around the trees and once plucked it can cause a lot so soil erosion and this is also connected to the natural resources and environment.

    • Making paper has an effect on the environment and the company that’s making paper gets money ;economy. But that’s all I know. I will research and find out more

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