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What did you learn or connect with during the Field Trip to Voyager?

How does this relate to your own inquiry?


Comments on: "Connections" (20)

  1. The woman just taught us about the HOTEL. But my learning little connect with my inquiry (water). But woman didn’t teach us in detail everything (I feel like). Next time if I have a question I need to ask.

  2. The person that was showing us around said that they recycle and that they reuse the water and have dustbins around but she didn’t really explain very well.

  3. For sharing the planet i am starting to recycle thing and then i am going to make them into a huge ball to play with 😎

  4. I realized that the more exotic and lush a hotel is, the more it affects the environment.

  5. I learnt that the voyager hotel burns paper. I think that the hotel should recycle paper instead of burning it,which pollutes the air

  6. samia juma said:

    I learnt that in voyager they keep rubbish for the customers so that they can come and use it if they need it.

  7. The woman never really explained in detail but I liked that she was explaining but not with detail, During the voyager trip I learnt that the municipal council comes to take there garbage for them. They have 4 sock pits and 3 kitchens.

  8. I was with a lady called polliine. She gave us a tour but did not give detail to detail. I am going to connet this to a lady called sahela she I is my sister now she is a doctor when she showing me images of London she did not tell us detail to detail. For everyone it’s a little bit rude if you are saying the woman ……. At least she explained the whole process we need to appreciate that. Every little thing food or information you have to thank god that you got it. While polline was sharing I learnt that voyager has 4 Sock pits and 3 kitchen near the room they chemicals that they mix in the pool wash clothes and many more.

  9. I am going to be very honest with you all. I found the trip a great day out for swimming and a lovely meal. In terms of learning I found it very weak and poor. Where was the learning? I didn’t hear it, see it or feel it. What do you think about my response? Mr. Chad

  10. To be honest we never learned anything.

  11. I learnt exactly nothing all i have learned is that they use they water to clean the food (oh wow).

  12. I did not learn alot in the hotel, she just taught us about how many SWIMMING POOLS they were and stuff like that.

  13. I only had fun ,but I was shocked by the way they reuse and recycle ,especially the fans ,when they are destroyed ,they are fixed and repainted.

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