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Tomorrow we will be having a round table discussion on boredom. Let’s start with some sparks so that you can drive your conversation and try to shift your own and other peoples’ thinking.

How do you know when you are bored?

What do you do when you realize you are bored?

Do you think being bored is a problem or a good thing?

Share your ideas about what makes you bored or what you find boring. Is there any benefit in being bored?

Over to you!


Comments on: "Boredom" (39)

  1. Answers to blog posts questions:
    -I think being bored is a good thing because in life, there is a lot of stimuli. So, once in a while, it’s good to be bored.
    -I usually read (blogs and books alike), play video games, watch TV or catch up on my lost sleep time. In some cases, I draw.
    -I know when I’m bored because I start jumping around on couches and becoming drowsy.

    • -What I find boring is having to write handwritten stories. Typing is more my style.

      • Sorry! That was tedious. What I find boring is no access to games when I have finished my home learning, yet I have already cashed in 5 hours of my game time (I have two rules regarding game time: 1.No games Monday to Thursday. 2.Divide no more than five hours between Friday, Saturday and Sunday) so I have to think of other ways to entertain myself such as reading, drawing, etc.

  2. I know when i am bored because I just start wandering around and start asking people what there doing, basically annoying them. I think it is good to be bored once in a while because if you are not then you are just a busy bee.

  3. I know when l’m bored when l talk to people that l don’t intract with on gmail.

  4. taiak 2013 said:

    i get bored when i sit and kip playing a same game on and on.

    • Taia, did you mean: “I get bored when I keep playing the same game on and on.”? Also, USE PUNCTUATION! (I don’t mean to be rude, just letting you know).

  5. I think that it is good to get bored once I a while.I know when I get bored because I go on gmail and chat to people or go on google+ and search for people.

  6. Thank you for that compliment Jai

  7. I know when I’m bored because I just read which makes me more bored and I rome around the drawers looking for games to play but I can’t find them and I also go to my laptop to play games and chat to my friends on gmail. I know when I’m bored because I always feel tired if I’m not doing anything and I also rome around the house looking for food. I think being bored is good at most cases because if you are so busy you might wish you where bored and if you where bored you might wish you where busy.

  8. Eagles never get bored! I always look forward to either painting,making jewelry,chatting with my love birds, watching TV with home made popcorn and a glass of soda,chatting in hangouts, mostly record notes in my bubble catcher (tool) play games, cook( making experiments) send mr chad websites,talking to mom. Being bored is stress because I don’t what to do. Last Friday I was bored I asked mom to take me for an ice cream and we ended up talking about our unit of inquiry in pizza inn.

    Look at nature and meditate when you are bored. Best way to release boredom.

  9. I know when I am bored when I’m stupefaction and I enjoy the fancy (imagination). I think they has a ploblem and good thing. Stupefactions good thing is I can be calm down, and bad things is a wasting the time. And fancy (imagination) good things is a be fertile imagination(give full play to one’s fancy) and bad things is a… maybe there is a no bad things (or maybe wasting the time?).

  10. I know i`m bored when there is nothing to do. I am just sitting there watching news with my mum. When your bored you may as well just go to your room and sleep( which is so boring). When your bored your like I should have just gone shopping with my mum ( which would probably take 3 hours). Sometimes when I am bored over the weekend I go to the T.V room and watch Micky Mouse with my little brother! I think that being bored is a problem because you have nothing to do. It can also be a good thing because you relax.

  11. Saloni Patel said:

    I get bored when I don’t understand things and when I have nothing to do. Also I get bored when I do boring things like having to play cars and blocks with my younger brother.

    If I get bored I listen to music and do some art work or do my passion in my garden like tieing a rope from one tree to another and zip lining near the pool just in case I fall.

    I kind of think boredome is hopeless because all you are doing is wasting time.

  12. Pranay Hira said:

    When I am bored, I start making up my own songs and I start getting wild thoughts. I also go crazy. I was a bit bored in class on my birthday, so whoever was in the room saw me go crazy. I was singing ” If I ruled the world, I’d throw all the chocolate in the air like confetti”. Crazy, right. And Jai, thanks for sending me a Keep Calm and Go Crazy picture. It’s going on my blog. Tonight. Or maybe tomorrow.

  13. what theor did you write

  14. I wonder if Mr.chad gets bored ?if you do then why?

  15. Some times when I am BORED I get mad or I sing a boring song or just stare at something still and I get angry.

    I try to occupie my self with some thing to do.

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