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The Hot Seat


Tomorrow you are in the HOT SEAT. I am expecting you to do a lot of the talking.

How can you prepare for this? Are you ready to be asked some red hot questions that reveal who you are at school?

The objective tomorrow is that your parents, you and I all see the same thing…. The TRUTH!


Comments on: "The Hot Seat" (40)

  1. l am nervous but,it’s about time l follow my heart.

  2. I am not nervous. I have prepared myself for what I think the results will be. I am ready.

  3. Pranay Hira said:

    I am ready. I know that I am good. I know that there is nothing to worry about. Unless I missed out on something.

  4. samia juma said:

    I am ready for tomorrow.I have no worries.I know that I will do well.

  5. Reblogged this on The World of Jai Morjaria and commented:
    Are you ready for the fire in the hot seat? The truth will be revealed tomorrow…better prepare yourself (if you haven’t!)
    If you are ready, how can you prepare more?
    If you are not ready, how can you prepare yourself?
    Leave a comment.

  6. I am not worried, but the questions that are gonna be asked will really worry me because in all 3 way conferences I have ever had in this school the questions worry me the most because for some questions sometimes I can’t answer them so I say my own stuff. I remember in year 4 I was in a 3 way conference and ms. Evelyn asked me a question (Sorry but I don’t remember the question!) but I didn’t answer it properly. I can prepare myself for this by pushing myself to the limit where I can go. Meaning, pushing myself (not the stressful way) to the limit where I can say what I can say and I am happy about this.

    • You have made a thoughtful, detailed comment. Also, I’m sorry about your…history with three-way conferences. And also, that makes two of us because I’m a bit scared of the questions as well.

  7. Saloni Patel said:

    I am going to be spilling out thought and ideas to prove that I am an eagle.
    As well as this I am curious about all the things that I am going to be asked.


  8. I will soar like an eagle and like Saloni says being confident.The hot seat is not only for students but teachers as well because like the PE teacher has to answer a question why are we doing cross country and why we don’t have enough swimming lessons as our parents pay a lot of fees.So I wonder if Mr.Chad is prepared to answer questions from students.r

  9. I’m am 50% I’m nervous and happy because I can teach my dad all the new strategies in maths. Like the one we did today, because I really enjoyed it. I would also like to share free writing because I think my story was excellent.

  10. I am ready. I am little pleasure. Because I can know Mr. Chad and my parents what do they think about me.

  11. i am nervous just like nawaf

  12. yesterday the hot seating was hard cause it was like the moment of truth cause if you lie their is where trouble comes

  13. I was a little NERVOUS.

  14. After the conference I was really HAPPY I loved my results.

    I have gone from DOWN to UP.

    I have to keep it up.

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