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Reading Circles


Riko has written down the roles and responsibilities for reading circles. She has also summarized what she thinks the story is about.


Z has used the rounds table discussion to track her reading circle conversation.

Here are some photos of you working together and discussing the book.

What did you like or didn’t like about reading circles? How will this help you become a better reader?






Comments on: "Reading Circles" (28)

  1. This can help me be a better reader if I always focus on the professions that Mr. Chad gives us. Like character builder. I don’t always try to find out who the character really is from the inside. Also predictor. I don’t always predict what will happen in the future of the story.

    I liked reading circles because we could go outside and read. It was a good break from class(because I always play cricket at break and lunch). Nawaf, Tiana and I had a lot of fun. But the learning fun. But Nawaf and I had the most. But we read 23 pages well before the time to stop.

  2. Everything went well with our group today Jonathan stepped up today
    because he was not playing with Khaleel so, today it was all well.
    I noticed Mehwish was a bit picky today because she always wanted to go first
    but all in all it was a fun day.

  3. Saloni Patel said:

    This can help me become a better reader because any hard words found I can learn them and use them to connect it with something else. Though today my group never found any challenging words.

    During the reading circles I liked the part where we were sharing personal connections. I didn’t like the part where we were wasting time and not sharing our predictions but just writing things down.

  4. In our group, the only hard word all of us didn’t know was girdered(I don’t really know the spelling). The other three were the ones Tiana didn’t know.

  5. The reding circles can make me become a better reader because when you are reading alone you don’t really think about comprehension , word wizard and character builder, so it will help get used to to make me a better reader.

    I liked the reading group that I was in because we did what we were supposed to do. The thing I didn’t lile about the reading circle that I was in was of picking the roles, I think we could of done a better job but anyways we are going to take turns to do every role.

  6. I didn’t like the whole think because Sarah.c, Adam and Taia weren’t cooperating when we were the only ones in class they where joking around and teasing me. The reading circles will help me become a better reader by helping me be more confident and it will help me read expressively.

  7. samia juma said:

    I think that reading circles can help me because I have people who can help me in my pronounciation and my vocabulary.

    Reading circles was fun because we were co-operating well and khaleel wasn’t misbehaving.I also liked it because it wasn’t like Ayann and I kept doing our own things when Khaleel and Jai were reading.To make a long comment short,we were all behaving well with each other.

  8. I think reading circles will really help me because in my group there is Pranay and Nawaf and they are both really good readers. I think next time we should really not waste time like we did today. Pranay and Nawaf were playing on the slides in the playground and they were being distracted.

  9. I like the reading circles. Because I can learn the new words and also I can learn the pronunciation ad how to read the word. My group, Ruby, Lutfi, Talal and I are did better, and we were not wasting the time. I think we were use the time well. Ruby were advanced the talks well, and she organized my team. Lutfi and Talal were join like the rounds table discussion thing and they connect with the story, how they feel etc.

  10. The reading circles can make me a better reader because while reading, I do not really think about writing my connections, building on the characters, etc. I just read. So this can make me appreciate the content and characters of the book more.

    I liked the reading group I was in because we had a collaboration. Although, being the Word Wizard was kind of boring because we only had two new words. But it was fun all the same. Sometimes we would read too loud and disturb the next group but we behaved well most of the time. So, all in all, it was a pretty good start to reading circles!

  11. I enjoyed doing reading partly because you could choose where you want to go so we chose the slides ,and Pranay kept on slipping. I also enjoyed reading circles because we got choose which role we wanted so I was connector and predictor Pranay was manager and Tiana was word wizard .Being predictor and connector was enjoyable. We made quite a number of connections but a few predictions.

    • This can help become a better reader because whenever I read I don’t make a lot of connections and predictions so whenever I read I will have my bubble catcher with whenever I have a connection or prediction.

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      • Really, Taia? On your blog, you reblogged this. Your response to the post (Because response on the reblogged post is like a comment on this post): “i like it”.

        That’s all you could write? And you didn’t use punctuation or capitalization. I don’t mean to be rude, just giving a tip.

  13. There was Saloni, Rahul and me in my group.We were reading really fluently and we preaperd where we are going to stop reading. Sometimes when something funny happend we would get a littel caried awey then we would go on reading.

    We should do this more often it gets us engaged in our book sometimes you feel like this is BORING but then you start to like the book more and more.

    We all want to shift our learning from down to up and we can.


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