i am me because of you


Click on this link:


Then, log in with this code:


You will then find your name. Click on your name and start reading!

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  1. mr chad,i need to know how to log in because i can’t find the log in icon.

  2. Mr. Chad, I really like RAZ kids. There is an easy interface and you can get comprehensions, listen to the book or read it.

  3. I really like RAZ kids, I am reading making bolstead bucks.

  4. Before I did with Ms. Ann. The RAZ KIDS is very good. Because RAZ Kids can enjoy, can read the books and we can listen the books. If I read the books I can learn the words that I don’t know. If I listen I can deepen the listening. This will help me.

  5. I really like RAZ kids, Right now I am reading inFLUenza.

  6. I LOVE RAZ KIDS, imagine all the books you can read, thanks Mr chad ,I’m reading The Black Stones,it is quite interesting.

  7. I really liked razor kids I read one of the books about the Burmese pythons and I learnt quite a lot off it and I really like how you can make a robot.

  8. Mr chad I went to raz kids my shape is a square and I can’t get through to read a book called what you you something

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