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Playing with ideas


Each time these boys played around with ideas they got one step closer in creating something bigger and better from before.

Attempt number 1 – the ground was not flat.


Attempt number 2 – the penalty box was not the same. (congruent)


Attempt number 3 – Now we have made some good changes by learning from the previous mistakes. This still needs more work.


How does playing with ideas help make them stronger? Share an example or experience you have had.


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  1. Sarah Cochu said:

    I think playing with makes them stronger because when you play with ideas because you learn through your mistakes for example when you write a word and you spelled it wrong then you learn through your mistake.

  2. I think that playing with ideas can make them stronger because as Sarah said,they can learn through their mistakes and instead of making their work good they can make their work great.Also,this is a time for them to step up and show evidence that they are not space kidects/numpties.

    An experience I have had is one with Fatma and Zaena.At first,it was only me and Fatma and we decided to just do a blog,flyers and badges.When we teamed up with Zaena,she helped us so much.Now we are going to be doing flyers,badges,a blog,a website,a fair day and a bake sale to earn money to plant trees.

  3. I think playing with ideas can make the stronger because
    1) This is something they enjoy doing, so they can’t get fed up easily.
    2) They can learn from their mistakes. And they did.

    An experience I had was with Mr. Chad. He showed me a template. At first, whenever I wrote Game Reviews, I wouldn’t use a template. An example of this is on this link. You can leave a comment on this if you want.

    An example with the template applied is at school. Ask me if you want to see.

  4. Playing with ideas is fun and you learn things. Like an example I played with an idea put all my jewelry on the coffe table. But I thought oh my god is so sucks so I thought hanging it on the board it looked perfect so I said yes. Tomorrow I will have new jewelry and new beads my focus is to make enough. For people over seas they want to order some jewelry I will make a website and a blog all showes my jewelry. To do list for tomorrow is make a blog , website and make jewelry this is my to do list for passion project.

  5. I think playing with ideas help them stronger. Because they enjoy to doing make the penalty box and they made mistake but they learn what we have to do next (failure teaches success). So they are stepping up. For example if I didn’t make the mistakeI can’t learn, but if I made mistake I can learn from the mistake. One day in the school some people (also me) listen the song and Mr. Chad talking about the Driver. And I learned that I have to make a clear distinction.

  6. Playing with ideas will only help them better, So if their first attempt didn’t work they could try playing with more and more ideas to help them better attempt 2 was better then attempt 1 but attempt 3 was the best of all. I also agree they need more work to do.

  7. I think playing with your ideas means that you don’t give up on what
    your doing it’s your passion even if I were to plant a tree and if it dies
    I won’t mind making another one because it’s my passion. I believe, if somethings
    really your passion then you can do the action.

  8. Saloni Patel said:

    Playing with ideas makes things stronger when:

    1) After making my chocolate process the middle of the paper looked blank. Tiana and I tried putting different things in and we ended up with the world.

    2) In Kasarani when Tiana and I were doing the booklets there was a part where we had to ask each other questions. At this point we were playing with ideas and giving each other tricky questions.

  9. […] they are playing with ideas. But playing with ideas help them stronger. I’ll explain how. https://concentricthinking.wordpress.com/2014/02/26/playing-with-ideas/#comments And please click on this link. If you click on this link you can see the difference of penalty box. […]

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