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Your line of conviction


I have used Jai’s conviction and some of the different ideas he has been playing around with. Tomorrow we are going to look at this in more depth. Write a comment about the different lines that are coming out from your conviction. This means the different ideas you are playing around with that connect to your main conviction.

Tomorrow we are going to challenge these lines. Which one is the actual line you are going to take to give you direction, be focused and more detailed?

Click on the image to see the enlarged version. Read the different ideas. The red line is the one (direction) you want your Exhibition to move towards.


Comments on: "Your line of conviction" (29)

  1. samiajuma said:

    My line of conviction is people listening to others when they want to say something and making decisions that are not involving all of the people needed to be involved.

  2. .My conviction-Poaching
    .If we keep poaching to get money almost all the animals will start
    to get extinct.(Economy)
    .If poachers kill then that is impacting on nature because when they kill
    animals since, the grass is to big they cut so much grass so they can earn money they
    don’t think how they can impact the environment.(Nature)
    .Society and well being connect to these because every animal needs a mother for example: if I kill a Hippo and It has a baby with it that will have an impact in society and well being.(society and Well Being)

  3. Sir, I think this is a nice template. I think you should e-mail us this template (or in my case, e-mail me the document you made) and we can make the documents.

  4. Saloni Patel said:

    My conviction is about garbage dump in Mombasa.
    The different lines are:

    ~ the impacts which rubbish has on the environment.
    ~ recycling rubbish
    ~ how/why people throw rubbish on the road.

  5. My line of conviction is me fighting without taking a second thought about controlling myself. The compass point that connect with my conviction is well being. Well being because when I fight it impacts the people I’m fighting with and myself.

  6. My line of conviction for people pretending to be something they are not is actually stepping up and showing who you really are not just hiding yourself and you are just pretending to be something you are not.

    • sarah at this exibition my opinion is that you are going to spark at the
      exibition.like what mr chad said i’m looking forward on working on this exibition.

  7. My line of conviction is trying to teach people the importance of swimming. People need to know that swimming is not only for swimmers that want to compete but that it is important for survival, safety and fitness too. At the end of the exhibition, I hope that people will see what I am trying to teach and that they try to swim more. My conviction is on society and its well-being.

  8. My lines of convictions are:

    >Why guns were made.
    >Why people need guns.
    >How much killing people make with guns.
    >How much money is spent on guns.
    >How is life without guns.


    Well even I pretend to be someone else sometimes when I am afraid to show the real me and now I should try to be my self even if people laugh at me.


  10. In other words my conviction is: TO ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO BE THEMSELFS, TO BE “THE REAL YOU” and not to feel pressurized to behave differently.

  11. My conviction is about recycling garbage and not wasting it. This will be reaching Mombasa.
    The different lines are:
    ~Recycling rubbish
    ~How we can make a change in Mombasa.
    ~The impact rubbish has on the environment.

  12. The conviction I am thinking about is being equal or being treated the same way. The ideas I am thinking about doing a picture of different point of views but I am still open for different ideas.

  13. my conviction is street kids because i see so many street kids all
    around the world and i see them suffurind.I see some of them die with hungre,sickness,
    thistness and other sicknesses.

  14. I love the convictions that you people have made up.please lets keep this up
    if we keep it up we are going to fly at the exibition guys.

  15. My conviction is that I moved Philippine to Kenya. My line of conviction is that which color to show my feeling, and why I feel that (I’m not sure what I can write. But I’m understand little bit.).

  16. My line of conviction is speed bumps because drivers drive too fast on the road and they hit the bumps what do you expect? The car over turns. Normally speed bumps reduces accidents. I am gonna paint bumps because motorist reduces the speed and are aware that bumps are a head.

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