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Just Perfect!

A lot of the time when researching we find information that may be connected, but not necessarily directely connected to our own community.

Zeana, found an excellent video on the rubbish in Mombasa. She has summarized what she heard and saw and wrote it into her X Book. This is what great looks like and is like.

Yesterday, we talked about being “research snobs.” Being very selective and only choosing the best information that will shift your thinking.

You tube is very powerful…. How can you find the best information?

Here some research skills that you will be using throughout the Exhibition.


Formulating questions: Making relevant questions that we can find out about

Observing: Being able to watch what is happening

Planning: Being able to find out necessary information. Organising the steps in order to do work

Collecting data: Finding and gathering all the information we need

Recording data: Taking notes, making charts to understand and remember our work

Organising data: To organize the data in place so we can read it and understand it easily

Interpreting data: Translating and making conclusions from organized data

Presenting research findings: Communicating and showing what you have been finding out


Comments on: "Just Perfect!" (27)

  1. I think Zaena really was a role model to me because a video so good you have to research a lot I think. I am still looking for a website or video about my conviction but I have not found it yet. The video video really shows how people live in dump sites. For my conviction, I think that Lupita Nyongo is my role model for being yourself and not comparing yourself to other people. Well done Zaena for finding such a good video about your conviction.

  2. I ill find out the best information by using different resources for example:Interviewing different people, reading books, and watching videos.

  3. I can find my research from a website or a video but, the one
    which,stands out to me is a video because if you go to a website
    and print it out that’s just someone’s writing but,sometimes it can also
    be useful for something like an exhibition or a project.This example is for
    a clear vision of how were going to be researching.I am in awe of all that pile of
    junk and what it is doing there.

  4. I can find the best of the best information by actually taking time to find the right source of information.Sometimes I do not find great information but I put it aside because I may need it in the future.So any USEFULL information I find,some I will put in my Xbook and some in to my stuff bag.

  5. I am happy because Zaena researched well (as usual) and wrote a summary about it in her own words.For my topic I can not find a video or research,either.I am trying my best to look for research.

  6. Zaena was really modelling what good looks like. I already had my gears spinning and she has inspired me more.

    I can research on The Internet about the imbalance of screen time and green time, gather videos and pictures about screen time and green time and reading my eBook copy of ‘Last Child in The Woods’ on my eReader. I can also read another book I found in the newspaper article Mr. Chad gave me called “The Shallows: What the Internet is doing to our Brains”.

  7. I can find the best information by looking at the internet, asking people if they have had anger issues and if they have controlled it how did they control it and if they still haven’t I will ask how they are dealing with it now. I will be a research snob and look for helpful information and stick some and put some in my stuff bag.

  8. I agree with Jai. Zaena is stepped up, and Zaena is good model. Well done Zaena!
    For my conviction (moving), I think I can’t research on the internet, but I can interview or ask my parent or other people. And I want to develop my knowledge (knowledge base).

  9. This video has shown me what its like in a rubish dump and its not nice, i am really glad you found this video that connects to your conviction.

    The main research i have been doing was interveiwing my mum but i am starting to also use the internet to help me out. Lately i just found out that the person that is renting from us used to be a warden in a prison so i might start to ask her some questions to see if that will help because she is a expert that can help me with my conviction.

  10. Saloni Patel said:

    Zaena this will really help us in our exhibition. Thank you for finding such a great video.
    This video is really emotional and I fell sorry for those who eat these scraps of food as it is un-hygienic.
    In my mind I am thinking :
    – Where does this garbage go?
    -What can I do to reduce this garbage?
    -Why doesn’t the government do something about this?

  11. Zaena that video was fantastic.
    you really put alot of affort on finding or searching this video
    now people can connect on what you have just done.

  12. That was a fantastic video it was very meaningful. I have smelt the stench of the dump yard on the way to the airport.
    I connect this with a documentary I recently saw about the rubbish dilemma in India and the many innovative ways in which they are dealing the problems.

    We must educate our people to reduce the garbage we produce by adopting the principal of ” USE, REUSE AND RECYCLE “

  13. Zaena was a good role model ,and that video was just what she wanted its amazing how she got it I connect this with the dump over close to bombolulu, like when you go to Naivas I normally see one or two people digging around looking for things they can us.

    Zaena has given me the idea of using you tube for information ,but I am still looking for videos.

  14. Zaena nice of you to share this video with the rest of the class. My conviction is speed bumps and I am researching for videos and images + information if any of you have information of speed bumps please share it to Talal or me it would be nice of you. Tomorrow in the morning I and talal are gonna spend half hour lokking at cars going through the bumps. Then we will interview people.

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