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Starting to think about questions, concepts and strands at the same time is challenging. You have just started to do this. As you think about your conviction and as ideas come to you, you need to start to look at each question through the concepts.

Yesterday we looked at how to write a powerful question and work out the concept that it was most connected to. This focuses the question even more and demands that you are looking at the question in the right way so that you get the right information or answers.


Today we looked at The Flow State. How do you know you are in the Flow State? These are the things that you should be showing and feeling as you are working. Why? Because you chose your conviction and it is important to you. Anything that is important to you is something you should be doing thoughtfully with purpose.


How can we show that things are flowing for us in a way that gets the best out of learning and what we want to achieve in the Exhibition? You should be demonstrating all these things throughout the Exhibition. If you are not, then you are faking it. If you are, then you have chosen wisely and it is a true conviction.


Can you see how we are all pulling all the pieces together now? So far, we have connected knowledge, questions and concepts. We have powered up our questions by using the PYP key concepts.

Stay tuned, there are more pieces we need to add – skills, attitudes and the BIG ONE, Action!

How are you feeling about the Exhibition and where you are going with it?


Comments on: "Pulling the pieces together" (8)

  1. I feel I still need to produce more work to live up to the standards I’m setting for myself. I will find a video on The History of Computers.

  2. The way that I am feeling is actually pretty good and my wheels are turning in a steady pace, I am not getting stressed or anything because I am going on a steady pace. Today When I was doing my circles I actually recognized that I was in the flow state because I was senere I was really focused on it, I was clear because I went straight through the point and it was timeless for me because I didn’t see the time go.

  3. I know when I am in the flow state when I am involved and interested in what I am doing. My mind is always clear when I’m in the flow state. I feel like this because I am expanding my knowledge while researching this is what motivates me to be in the flow state. We can show how things are flowing for us by listening and being interested in the things that we are doing. I am feeling very excited and enthusiastic about the exhibition, it is going very well for me and I know that I am where I want to be in the exhibition.

  4. I know when I am in a flow state because I get enthusiastic,excited and sometimes a bit hyper.Another way I can know is because when I dive into whatever I am doing,I do not want to get out of it or leave it.I feel like this because I know that what I am doing will expand my knowledge and make me a better thinker.

  5. I am feeling good because my wheels are beginning to turn. I know I’m in the flow state because when I do my research it feels timeless I feel that time is just passing by without me knowing so when I research, I research until my mum says Nicole Dinner is ready. I also feel that I am behind where I want to be in the exhibition but I am pushing myself.

  6. I know I picked the right conviction because whenever I play I am in the flow state. I am also in the flow state when I am researching and paraphrasing my work or watching videos.

  7. I know I am in the flow state, before my mind was not clear, but now I don’t know why but my mind is clear. I think because when I’m doing about my conviction, that time I gain confidence. My wheels are spinning fast more than before. Before my wheels are very slow aking and sometimes my wheels are stop. I think because I’m writing my ideas on the X Book, and I’m taking action.

  8. I know I am in the flow state because whenever I write something that
    INVOLVES in my exhibition it just flows out of me I don’t have to think it’s just
    knowledge for me and I have a good feeling about this topic that,I have chosen
    I am actually planning for a field trip to KWS(Kenya Wildlife Service)

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