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Today we talked about the different way you can express/communicate your conviction. Some of you already have good ideas about the best way to do this. You need to start thinking about the most powerful and thought provoking way that will force people to stop and think more deeply about what it is you are trying to say.

Next week we will be looking more closely at the most powerful way for you to communicate your message. We will discuss materials, conceptualize ideas to make them louder and stronger and the colors you will need.

Here some ideas you can start to think about:

Fashion design
Jewelry design
Wood crafts
Films and theater (movie/video)
Song lyrics


Comments on: "Expression" (22)

  1. The main idea I am thinking of is having two mannequins (One with a screen head and one with a flower head) and have them holding hands.

    Another idea I’m thinking of is making a drawing of computer with devil horns(devil horns will be real) and another one with a halo(halo will be real). Then, I will ask people if their computer is their friend (computer with a halo) or their foe (computer with horns).

  2. I think the most powerful ones for me is a painting and a dance. They are the most powerful because I have been to a lot of art galleries in Paris and they personalize it so in my opinion everything can go on a painting but only some are very powerful and I think that my topic for a painting is a great idea. Dance because confidence and expressing yourself is linked to my conviction so I thought it would be really cool if I would a dance and by me doing the dance is part of my kryptonite because I am very shy so I am going to face my kryptonite.

  3. I think that most powerful things for me is a sculpture or a painting. These are the most powerful because in Malindi I found the true artist within me and I want to show what I can do. I am also thinking of doing these things because I don’t want to do what I’m good at, I want to do something that I can do well.

  4. My first one is stenciling. I want to do it because I feel it is the best way I can express myself.Stenciling is when you make a word out of plastic then put it on a wall and spray it with paint.My second one is graffiti. I want to do it because I can make a graffiti painting that will connect to my conviction.My final one is a dance that will express me getting shot after trying to run away from the shooter.

  5. i âme going to express my self in 3 things a sculpture animation and a taste test.

  6. I have planned with my dad whenever he goes to places like Kwale or Kinango he will take so that I can play with the less fortunate children who always do chores or sell fruits, and have no time to play.

    I am thinking of painting on half of a huge canvas, a boy watching his friends play and he is holding his heart out and his heart is crying and struggling to get out of the boys hand so that it too can play. Then on the other half there is a girl who is playing and her heart is smiling like never before. And then then I will write words to show how they feel.(I think mannequins are better and a sculpture of the heart out of clay.

  7. I think the most powerful thing that stands out to me is a sketch.It is powerful to me
    because it’s the one what really expresses me in my conviction.My conviction is about
    poaching so, I think sketch is the best way to express myself in my

  8. I think the best way to express myself is to make a sculpture.I will make a big head out of paper mache.It will have no mouth.After I finish the paper mache part I will paint over the it.I want to hang that from the roof and next to that,also hanging from the roof will be a bubble that will have “WHY SHOULD I HAVE A MOUTH IF YOU WILL IGNORE MY WORDS?” written on it.

  9. I think the thing that stands out for me the most is a painting. I am doing a painting of me and someone fighting but deep inside my heart Is broken sad and furious. I also want to do a sketch or a drawing but I don’t think they will stand out more than the painting.

  10. I have written my song all i have to do is get some back round music and a manikin then i am going to wrap it in clear paper and name it THE INVISIBLE CHILD.
    The song stands out for me so does the manikin i am going to do things but well.

  11. I think my best way to express my self is painting or make book. The make book I want to painting and I want to write like only one sentence. And the painting I want to use the skills that when I went to the Malindi trip I learnt the painting and I want to use that skills. I’m not sue what I can paint. I’m still thinking. Then I have to choose which one is best way to express my self, but I can’t choose. Then I thought I can make a book, then I thought I also wants to paint to big paper. I’m still thinking, but I have to think which one is the best way to express my self.

  12. I haven’t really thought about it, but my idea is to make a sculpture of a brain(but I have no idea how) with the left side dark and the right side bright.

    Oh, another idea came to my brain! I should make a painting of a brain( it will be huge) and I will make the left side overpower the right side.

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