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Jonathan and Kahleel ventured out beyond the school walls yesterday to interview some kids who live on the street.

We went everywhere and the moment we stopped looking was the moment we came across Frank (17) and Roger (14).

Jonathan and Kahleel were very nervous, as they should be. This was a totally new experience for them. Kahleel realized that they were having difficulty speaking in English. He turned to Kiswahili. He saw that he needed to make a change and he did, the quality of the interview dramatically improved.

These boys plan to go visit a homeless center for street kids next week too. They will be more confident next time as they have had some practice yesterday.

What an experience!

What have you done or what are you planning to do to get out?


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  1. Well done Jonathan and Khaleel. You have really stepped up and taken a lead!

    I will not go beyond the school walls. Instead, I will interview adults and kids about what they like better (Screen or Green) and why. I will record these interviews and I will write what they have to say. I will then transfer these on to a Microsoft Word Document and ask Mr. Chad to print it out for me. I will then put this in my stuff-it folder. I am doing this because if anything goes wrong with the camera, I will have a back-up.

  2. Jonathan and khaleel have stepped up, and Khaleel was very smart to change to kiswahili for Frank and Roger to understand.

    I am planning on going to take photo graphs of children playing without them knowing and then I might go to a childrens home I would like to join Jonathan and khaleel if they are going to one so that I can take pictures of me playing with them.

  3. I agree with Jai and Nawaf, Khaleel and Jonathan is stepped up and they are taking lead. I think that is a good experience for them. Because if they know about the street kids, they can think about how can we help them, how can we make there fac smile, etc.

    I have done interview to some people and I learnt from there. Interviewing is inportant to me, because when I research some information I can not find the answer, then I thought if I interview to people I can know real answer and I can find the answer. But I have to interview to all classmate (5K) and I have to gather the informtion and make graph I have to use my knowledge. And I’m thinking that I can ask to my Japanese friend. I have a only one Japanese friend called Naomi so I can interview to her if I have a chance to meet with her.

    • But I think it is not easy to beyond the school to interview to people. But I’ll try to beyond the school.

  4. I have gone to KWS on wednesday and I met the senior Warden called Fridah.
    I interviewed her and she answered all the questions that I asked her but,towards
    the lady asked me 1 question:

    How will you help KWS?I will help KWS by making a club which we all clean rubbish in ,like on the beach.After she asked me that question she gave signs.

  5. I agree with Jai,Nawaf ,Riko Khaleel and Jonathan has stepped up they are taking a lead. This good they have practiced then next week they will get stronger and gain more confidence. For they next field trip.

    I have made a field trip of a survey my next field trip will be next week on Thursday at lunch time we will be heading to the police station. I will be taking images as evediene writing notes in my X book that connects to recording data. Pencil will be talking and helping me feel bubbles in my X book I feel if will spark my car with Mr Chad car so it can start then I will drive it to the police station after that I will shift my thinking to a bigger and brother thinking then I will shift my Mercedes to a Mark X. I have. Axe a interview to a minster of road safety I asked him complicated questions but I got each and every answers in detail I was shocked. I felt nervous after 10 minutes I felt normal because I felt normal I got the feeling in ten minutes. Today while driving to Nakumat I saw an accident of a big bus driving speed and it hit a matatu were the whole front and back just fell of the police tried to solve it but the driver of the small matatu passengers were badly injured some ones eye came off I can’t talk about it because I feel like puking they was a ambulance to take the patients and you know what the big matatu will be in jail for 10 years no way you can bail him out plus the vehchile will be clamed for 6 years.

  6. For me I can’t really go beyond the school walls so what I am doing in school is researching and finding more about my conviction. I have also done some interviews and that really shifted my thinking. Oh and Mr.Chad I have a big surprise for you on Monday or Saturday if you’re going to the speed bump thing.

  7. For me I can’t really go beyond the school walls so at school I am interviewing people and finding out more about my conviction.

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