i am me because of you



What other ideas or inspiration can you find that will help you make the best possible master piece? Please do some searching tonight and email (on a word document as an attachment) so I can print out for you.


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  1. Fatma.R said:

    I can get sculptures from google images and get a clear example of what
    I am going to be doing for my high quality piece in the exhibition
    actually,I have already sent sir my pictures.

  2. Yesterday I looked at every type of style to paint so today I can look for things that are connected to my conviction, and I have a printer at home so I can print it at home, stick it in my book and write about it.

  3. I am going to add wire at the back of my manikin and then going to put news paper all over and then spray paint one and the other I am going to wrap it up in clear paper and naming it

    Then I am singing a song.

  4. Today night I can look at videos to see how to sculpt humans out of chicken wire. I can also get new ways of making a 3-D shaped earth.Normally whenever I see pictures which inspire me I always combine them to make one. Zaena and I have done the same for our expression. Today when Mr Chad was spotlighting Sarah and Riko I thought of doing the same. I could get pictures of art pieces of garbage and right about how they connect to my expression and why I like the pieces.

  5. Taia is stepped up! Taia keep it up!
    On tuesday I was researching a examples of expressionism. And yesterday I wrote about what I think this art peaces is showing and I researched what artist wants to tell. And today I have to research how to write a people that sitting and people that bend one’s head.
    I think “The Scream” is good examples to my expressionism(art peace). So I want to find similer to “The Scream”, and learn the technic.

    • Fatma.R said:

      I agree with you Riko Taia has stepped up.Wow Riko your connecting all these art pieces that
      you have found to your conviction.Well Done!

  6. I can write about the pictures that Mr. Chad printed for me. I can also find more examples of technology overcoming us and kids playing. I can send these pictures pictures to Mr. Chad, he will print them for me in color and I can write about them.

  7. I can find pictures of papier mache heads that have no mouth and I can then send it to Mr.Chad to print out for me.When I get to school I can stick the pictures in my book and write about them.

  8. Tonight I can look at the images Mr.chad printed for me and write a short summary about it.I will also print a few more picture (or send it to Mr.chad to print for me) so that I can have a bigger picture in my head.

  9. Tonight I am emailing Mr.Chad the inspiration photos and the expression paintings and pointillism paintings. Tomorrow I am bringing material to do a non-brush painting.

  10. I am going to search on how to paint and so that I can paint well and I am going to research more on expressionism and how colors express emotion and feeling because I still don’t understand it a lot.

    By the way Mr chad I have had a thought about my painting and I would like one more canvas. same size as the other.

  11. I don’t really have more research to do apart from how to mix colours and paint well. I think that I need another thin paint brush because my comic will have some very small toys in it, though it will be amazing if done well.

  12. i think that my motivation came from the hart. the main thing i was communicating is that people long line fish and its crewel.

  13. Taia pls write your name.

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