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Which attitudes will you really need during the creation of your artwork and throughout the Exhibition? Which ones will you need to be more like?

Using the attitude tree, identify the attitudes that you will need to show. Then, explain why that attitude will help you bring out the best in you and justify how you are going to do it.


I will need to show APPRECIATION. Appreciation is important when it comes to art work so that I can appreciate what other people are creating and doing for their conviction. I need to show appreciation towards other peoples’ work and show that I can try to look beyond their work first to pick up the hidden message contained in the piece. I can show appreciation by standing back and thinking about the artwork first before talking about it or reacting to it.

I will need to show INDEPENDENCE. I would like to show that I can be more independent and that I can do things on my own first. This will show that I can solve problems on my own and work it out. I can show independence by thinking about what it is I need to do and give it  a go. It is important to show greater independence as it shows that I have the problems solving skills needed to be a leader.


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  1. I will need to have COMMITMENT for one of my attitudes because I have to not quit on what I am doing and I have to be committed to it (when I have found out what I am doing). I can become more committed by really not quitting and being straight forward and not get distracted by bumble bees.

    I will need INDEPENDENCE because the exhibition is about being solo (not if you are in a group) and I find it is about what you can do and it is YOUR exhibition, not your mom or your dad or your teacher. I can become more independent by finding solutions to my problems and being a problem solver, not calling other people to do it for me.

    I will need CONFIDENCE for my exhibition because I need to be proud of my work and that I have been independent. I can become more confident by believing in myself and tell myself that nobody is perfect (but some people say they are perfect) and art is not perfect. That is what I have to tell myself for everything because I lack confidence.

    I need CREATIVITY for my exhibition because I need to be creative and think out of the box. I can become more creative by finding inspiration and analyzing art pieces (that is what I do in my Xbook).

    I need ENTHUSIASM because I have to be motivated to what I am doing for my exhibition, and if I am not, then it is not the right conviction but I know it is because I am motivated and I am enthusiastic about it. I can become more enthusiastic by having motivation and having a message that I really want to show.

    • Whoa! What a comment! You have not just made it detailed, you have made it long and have taken your time explaining what your attitudes are and why you chose them. Great work. 🙂

    • One more thing. Can I please compliment your comment by using some key bits from it and using it’s format?

  2. I will need to be COMMITED in my inquiry because I need to be focus with my inquiry and not get distracted by pigeons that try to pull me down. I should also stick to my plan and not try other things that might look better but not more meaningful.

    I need to be INDEPENDENT because we are all alone. Solo. No one to do the work for us. We have to be independent to do our high quality piece because if someone else does it, then it is their exhibition.

    I need to be CREATIVE to do my high quality piece properly so it could send a powerful message. I should also be creative to know how to mix colours and paint and design well.

  3. I need to have COMMITMENT because I need to be focusing on my exhibition and not getting distracted by a bumble bee. I need to be committed in my exhibition because if I’m not I might fail.

    I need to have CONFIDENCE because when I’m presenting my 1 high quality piece I can’t be shy and if I am shy I don’t think that my confidence skills will ever get higher. I need to believe in myself that I can’t be shy.

    I need to to have INDEPENDENCE because I need to do my own work and you do need help at some times but you don’t need to step back and let someone do your exhibition for you.

    I need to have CREATIVITY because when doing my art piece the right side of my brain need to think about the art piece I’m doing even some of my left brain is thinking but its mostly the right side of my brain.

    I need to have ENTHUSIASM because I need to have interest in my own exhibition I can’t have interest in someone else’s exhibition. If I have interest in someone else’s exhibition I will loose focus on my own exhibition.

  4. I need to be INDEPENDENCE. I need to do things on my own. Especially, when I am painting.I need to show that I can demonstrate the plan I have done through art work. I can show independence by referring to my plans in my X Book. I can think for myself to solve any problems.

    I need to be CREATIVITY. Because if I don’t think detail audience are it’s not fun, they can’t enjoy. For example I want to do sculpture. And I did. I just did shave it, and I made people. that have creatve? No it isn’t. Is audience can understand what I want to tell and they will look thet work and they will say awe? No it isn’t. I can write a plan to my X Book. And more expand my ideas. I always write or say and I don’t do. So this week I’m going to thisnk and write about how to show my feeling in 15 minuites iin each day. So I can be more creative. I need to think many ways.

    I need to be APPRECIATION. I think I’m good at apprediation. But I’m apprediate only one way. My holizons are narrow.That means I’m not creativeity. I think I can do more and more. So I can be appreciationer and more creative.

  5. Fatma.R said:

    I need to show commitment to my art piece because,sometimes
    when I get work I never finish it.Commitment is important when
    it comes to daily routine work and attitude towards it.I can do that
    by helping myself to do all the unfinished work that I never did
    and I go straight to the art piece that I am working in for
    the exhibition,I started it and now I finished it.

  6. I have 3 really powerful attitudes that I need to show:

    CONFIDENCE:I have to be confident because if I am confident then people will realise my intention of doing the topic that I am doing.I will be confident by just letting the words flow and not being scared.

    ENTHUSIASM:I have to be enthusiastic because if I am not it will be a half job done,just like Mr.Chad mentioned in class earlier today.I will be enthusiastic by reminding myself of the intention that I am doing this.

    CREATIVITY:I have to be creative because if you have an art piece that is very unique and has a lot of colours or different things it tends to attract more people and so more people can be aware of what you want to do. I will be creative by using different colours and things so that my work is more attractive.

  7. WHAT:
    – Knowledgeable
    – Communicator

    I need to be knowledgeable because knowledge is power and during the exhibition I want to be powerful.

    Communicator\ Confidence:
    I need to be a communicator because during the exhibition I will need to communicate and show my emotions towards garbage dump to the audience confidently.

    I need to be independent because at school I will be making my art piece with Zaena without any parents.

    During the expression period I will have to be creative to make the best sculpture possible.

    I will be committed in doing my work at the right time.

    I will be researching a lot and getting images of garbage in Mombasa.

    I will talk confidently and make sure what I say has meaning and understanding.

    I will be independent by finding solutions to problems.

    Zaena and I will combine ideas to make bigger ones.

    I will be committed by knowing what to do and doing it.

  8. I need to be COMMITTED ,because when you are committed it shows you love what you are doing something you love,and is very unique. I can become more committed by not abusing ,but using my time wisely.I should also stop being a pigeon, and become an eagle so that I can fly high and achieve more goals.

    I need to be CREATIVE because if I am not creative my master piece will be dull boring and not very colorful.I can be more creative by looking at other paintings to find inspiration and research more on expressionism.

    I need to be ENTHUSIASTIC because enthusiasm shows you like doing it so if you are not enthusiastic it basically doesn’t matter to you. I am very enthusiastic about my paint because to me it is the perfect thing.

    I need to work on APPRECIATION because I am very judgmental, and if don’t like a specific art piece I would really act rude and disgusted at its presence.

  9. The ATTITUDES I need to show during this exhibition are:

    I need to be confident during my presentation.

    I have to stay focused on what I am doing

    I need to be creative so my art piece can come out well.

    My conviction is connected to empathy.I need the people around me to feel it too

  10. When you are enthuasiastic,you become independent and automatically show confidence when you are presenting during the exhibition period.I and Talal are really looking forward to designing our billboard. Once the billboard is designed people will appreciate our hardwork.

  11. I will need to show INDEPENDENCE to make a good piece. If I am not independent, I won’t be able to say that I am an independent learner. If I can’t say I’m an independent learner, I can’t say I reached my goal in Year 5.

    I will need to show COMMITMENT because if I don’t commit to my project, I’m basically saying ‘I give up’. If I don’t commit to this project, I will be the biggest numpty in the whole class. And my academic reputation will be smashed to microscopic pieces. This is applies to ENTHUSIASM as well.

    I will need to be CREATIVE

    • Sorry! I glitched. This is what I meant to say:

      I need to be CREATIVE about my artpiece. Mr. Chad has given me ideas that I have decided to use. I need to decide the shape of the different items and entities in my painting.

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