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How can Khaleel keep his wheels turning and be on the blog everyday so that he is part of the conversation and learning? Any advice, tips or positive habits he could start to do so that he is demonstrate more responsibility and independence?


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  1. I have some advice for Khaleel. Make detailed comments, and become a frequent part of this community.

    • khaleel said:

      Jai I am already a part of this community right now and will always be thank you.

  2. Khaleel, Well Done for writing this comment for the sake of writing it. We really appreciate it. But can you use your initiative and come today? I hope you use your initiative the whole holiday.

    • khaleel said:

      Pranay I was not writing for the sake of it I am writing a detailed comment and I don’t know the meaning of initiative.

  3. Fatma.R said:

    Since,you had a talk with khaleel’s mum and dad I noticed
    he had started to stretch so, GOOD FOR HIM.

  4. Some tips for him to keep his wheels turning is by trying to be consistent, and when he has the time to do something he does it straight away, not after watching TV or playing games. Another tip is to use your initiative and instead of being in the numpty gang with his friends, let them taste your dust.

  5. Well done khaleel today and just today you weren’t a numpty and you weren’t getting distracted by bumble bees GOOD FOR YOU KHALEEL! Well khaleel lets see if you can keep this good work on. I HOPE YOU DO!

  6. Good job Khaleel,you have stepped up. My tip is that you put blog on your To-D list and make sure someone checks every day that you have followed your to to do list

  7. khaleel said:

    the blog post is about me and stepping up and not playing because yesterday was the first time me going to the blog after a long time in like march on the street kids blog post about me and Jonathan and so I shall be going to the blog everyday so that I can do better in my project because sir sayed if you go to the blog you are the ones who will shine in exhibition. in the car on my way back home after swimming we saw a truck which a police told it i mean the driver to get into another line so it speeded and just stopped 5 metres in front so even though it could have gone its speed is the speed of a human running so the police was at the same per as the truck.

  8. Khaleel is stepped up. Yesterday he had a conversation with his father anf Mr.Chad, and I think he thought I need to change. I think he can make routine to go to the blog every night. Post comment is my routine. I don’t know how did I make routine. Post comment is fun for me. I think because blog is help to develop my English and also the blog help me to understand English. Anyway I think Khaleel can make a schedule and put to your desk or put to the wall. And I think also he can make To do list. And I agree with Sarah that at first do your home learning, go to the blog. But I can’t do like that. I can’t concentrate. When I’m using computer I always do something about another thigs that don’t connect to learning. But recently frquency decrease to do something that don’t connect to the learning. Because I’m standing. But that don’t waste the time!

  9. Khaleel now that you have stepped up you need to be consistent.
    This is how:
    ~ Making sure you have edited and proofread your blog post every night.
    ~Collecting inspiration and stick pictures in your X book.

    If you do this you will be a flyer.

  10. Khaleel has stepped up!GREAT JOB KHALEEL GOOD FOR YOU!Now all you have to do is make this consistent.I have a few tips. you should:
    -Look for inspiration and then work
    -Try and concentrate even more.
    And the most important one…
    -You shouldn’t hang out with the numptie group just like Sarah said.

  11. Tonight i will give khaleel ideas of what his
    art piece could be like, and also i will give him other ideas for his
    exhibition, this message is also for Johnathan.

  12. Khaleel, you’re stepping up! 🙂 2 months ago, 0 comments daily. Now, in the la you’ve last five posts, you’ve commented, with detail and enthusiasm. Well done, Khaleel! Keep improving and stepping up! Leave the rest in dust. 🙂

  13. Today we don’t have a blog post. Mr.Chad don’t post a blog. Because internet is very slow and computer is doesn’t work. I hope Mr.Chad is going to post a blog.

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