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Spark and Explore

Watch this and then write a comment sharing your reaction to it. What connections did you make between you (your art piece) and this artist?


Comments on: "Spark and Explore" (10)

  1. Fatma.R said:

    I am inspired by this lady because her art is beautiful
    and the art piece is amazing now.that is a good example
    of a real art piece I admire her art.

  2. I connected with when it went wrong and she got an idea out of it because in art things can go wrong and not the way you want it to be, my sister who is an artist says to me don’t use an eraser, try to not use an eraser.

  3. My reaction to it is a good reaction. I liked it when she said ” I spent a week cutting paper and I did this big volume of cut outs. The volume of paper was hung with string and one of the strings picked up that projection and it looked like a little spark just travelling through this string.” I liked that part because she didn’t know what to do but when se was playing with ideas she found out a really good idea.

  4. I connect with the part were she got a spark when I learnt about abstract art I thought I could make a painting through feelings.

  5. I connect with the same part as Nicole where she was cutting paper for a week and she got a really great idea just out of playing with a few ideas and doing different things to get an idea of what to do.I connect with that part because also that happens to me sometimes and I get a really great idea out of doing other things and playing around with ideas.

  6. I like her work and her work is amazing! I connect with that she said “I don’t necessarily wanna tell the whole story I always attempt to do something that regardless of your understanding is going to somehow connect with you the mall what I want is for people to comment this on own dark space.”. I learnt that if I tell what did I feel when I moved to Mombasa Kenya I think everyone can’t understand and feel what did I feel when I moved to here. And also I learnt an accident makes great. I also connect with Nicole that when I’m playing around with my ideas ideas come from my head or somewhere.

  7. I remember her last few words. ” I am a live artist”. I connect this with my exhibition. I am doing an art piece which is trying to say a real life situation(garbage in Mombasa).

    This artists work is amazing. It has a combination of different colours. I like the way she used the word spark a lot when talking.

  8. I connect with her because I love drawing and doing artistic thing like painting or colouring but I mostly like sketching because you have to focus and concentrate which you will be in the flow zone.

  9. This is amazing. It just goes to show that ideas and inspiration (bubbles) can come at any time. It also goes to show that mistakes can turn out to be amazing things such as this artistic endeavour called fiberspace. At first, it my seem like a big ball of wasted string or a giant string tumble-weed but if you manipulate light correctly, you can make it look amazing.

    I do not connect with her but I need to take a leaf out of her book. I have a very bad habit of crossing out my drafts. This wastes trees. I will try to not cross out my drafts and finish the whole draft instead of crossing it out halfway through and wasting lead and trees. That way, I will get a rough picture of what my drawing/sketch/painting should look like.

  10. I have not been able to watch this video as it isn’t showing, but I have been inspired. Over the holidays, I’ve been looking at different shades (colour schemes), aspects, backgrounds and images, and many more. I’ve been inspired, while having fun, during drawing and sketching in my X book and Xpand pad.

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