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Please share how you felt this morning after learning that your art materials were not ready for you to make and create.
Write a reaction sharing your mood, attitude and thoughts about your disappointment.


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  1. Mr. Chad, I was so upset! I had worked so hard the whole holiday looking for different colors of paper for my mosaic and then cutting them up into small pieces so that I could come to school and start my art piece. I didn’t even want to go away for the Easter weekend because I hadn’t finished my cutting and wanted it to be done for today.

    I was really sad and angry! I had been responsible and got my work done in time and was really excited to get to school and start my art work.

    Now we all have to wait because someone has not been responsible and done their work.

  2. My mum was always asking me during the holidays if I had the materials to make my sculpture. I used to answer her with a smile and say that I trust the school and that the materials will come in by Wednesday.

    Unfortunately after coming to school with great excitement it all turns into frustration, sadness and depression. I felt melancholic as we are now time bared and on such an important project which we have put our time out to complete. If we fail all our hard work would go in the dustbin.

    Now the only thing I have left to do is wait. Hopefully the materials will arrive by tomorrow.

  3. I felt so frustrated because we come in with all our enthusiasm and when we arrive in school finding out that the equipment isn’t there all of a sudden we all shut down saying what’s wrong with these people the are the ones responsible for bringing our equipment but then they have failed to do that.

  4. I was so frustrated today because yesterday night I was so pumped up
    I had brought in all my materials but the next day when I came in the
    class my enthusiasm was just lost completely!

  5. When I was came to school I was very excited about that we are going to do painting. But then when I saw classroom there isn’t have a any materials. I thought “WHAT!”. But then I thought all the materials we need is in back room. And also Mr.Chad’s face is not sad face and tired face. But when Mr.Chad said “We don’t have a any materials.”, and I was stared at it in round-eyed wonder in moment. Sorry but then I thought “Oh well, here is a Kenya, there is nothing I can do.”. Because in Kenya many times happen like to me. When my mother said to caretaker to fix the toilet today and caretaker said OK but he didn’t come. Also my brother has a soccer club but then his coach don’t come and sometimes he send to my mom like 4 o’clock(club is started at 3 o’clock). For me I felt annoying, sad, irate, etc. But then I felt there is nothing I can do more than annoying, sad, irate, etc. That time when I knew that there is no materials that we need my feelings of the color is Red. That time I felt annoying and irate.

  6. I was so Frustrated because yesterday I was so pumped out
    I had already collected my materials for my sculpture
    and then the next day when I come to the classroom
    my enthusiasm is completely lost/gone !

  7. I was so agitated and son disappointed because I put all my effort ,time ad energy and I don’t get anything in return. This morning I was ready to go had every thing I needed to just jump in, but then, when I walked into the classroom, I was speechless, in other words GGGGGRRRRRRR! When I found out that all the hard work was no use, I was heart broken.

  8. I felt so happy when i came to school then the materials aren’t there i felt like taking a m16 and blasting there heads of and shoving c4 in there chests and blowing them up with a rocket launcher and feeding the remains to wolves just because they didn’t bring the materials to school this school is shit oshwal is even better if this school was to be rated i will rate it -9999999999999999999 stars how hard is it to get these things this school sucks.

  9. when i was coming to school i was feeling so happy that we could jump in straight our project but then the happiness died when i went to keep my bag because the class room was as empty as we left it during the April break so that means 1 day wasted and basically we had only 8 days which means now seven days remaining that is not good so i felt:
    and time wasted

  10. WAKE UP
    WOKE UP: When i woke up i felt like ” ya we are going to GET ON WITH IT today” i was happy i did everything fast and when i entered school there was assembly i went to assembly thinking when will it finish 10 minuets felt like 10 hours after assembly finished i quickly went upstairs with my bags put them down i was a bout to say “THE MATERIALS ARE” i stopped at the are.

    IN CLASS: I looked around the class and it seemed as if i were in the past before we closed school no equipment i felt all my hope went to waste i just was like ” there is no use to be happy” so i just continued.

    I HOPE the Equipments come in tomorrow.

  11. I felt like I walked into an open manhole. Seriously, I was already excited because it was the first day of school after the break and more excited about starting project work. Then, I saw they were no canvases and the excitement fire inside me was extinguished.

    I felt this way because we were told that we were going to dive straight into creating our artpieces. Then, a big roadblock came. And that roadblock was the materials not arriving. I am very disappointed at the school but not surprised.

  12. Ok, when I came in this morning after assembly I was like whoo hoo we are getting started and then I asked Mr.chad if our materials came in ( I was hoping that they came I really did) but then the only word I could hear was” NO”.I was so…so…so….so…so I even have no words to explain my feelings.

  13. I felt betrayed.I felt betrayed because it is the school’s job to fulfil our needs and that is exactly what they did NOT do.The school let us down when we needed them a lot.ARGGGGHHHH I don’t even have any words left.

    I felt like all my happiness died.Just as Saloni said,when my mum asked me about the exhibition I just smiled and said.leave it to the school have faith in them.When I woke up I literally jumped out of bed and rushed so that I could get to school early.And for that reason,I got to school twenty minutes before my normal time.When I reached school I rushed to class and when I entered I just dropped my bag and thought to myself “where are the materials?!”

    When Mr.Chad said the materials haven’t arrived I felt like crying.

  14. When I walked into the classroom I wondered where are all the materials? When school opened I was excited because it was the first day of school and we could dive into our School projects. But then we had to Snap into reality when we were told that the equipment had not come. At first was upset but On the bright side this could give me time to improve on my art work piece

  15. Well, I felt a strange whirl of emotions. It was like a circle, a cycle. First, I was excited! ‘We’re going to start! We are going to be artists in a gallery! Yes!’. Then, coming into the class, expecting the equipment, I felt surprised, confused……. like I missed something. I felt very curious to what happened. I felt empty (like the plain unchanged room…. :-)…) and hollow like my mind went black. I didn’t know what to do, my mind was totally frozen. Then I remembered that this was what to expect. This is not criticism, but FACT….. we have to get most of our work tools in this school. Great education, but we have to do our own work with the equipment (easels, paint tubes, etc.). In the end, I also remembered I already got whatever I need myself and I was in the other class, but I was still very disappointed since both classes didn’t even really start.
    (Although, to be honest, I was kind of also a bit happy as I saw a few certain boys (I shall not name them, but it’s the expected boys) swallow back their boastful words. I was like ‘In your face!’ to them as they were boasting about being in the 5K class, while I was in the 5A class. I’ve told them 5A is also still fun and not to boast as they’ll eat back their words.)

    I am very disappointed about the school not supplying us with materials when they want us to do well. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ What they expect from us, we do, what we expect from them, just to assist and help us, they still haven’t done. I really hope the materials are they by tomorrow or we’ll all lose it (yet another day wasted). Sorry, but this is all fact. Nothing more to say/write. Just one speck of dust of hope, which is that we all HOPE they reconsider and help the kids in need for art materials to make the world a better place in our Exhibition. Who knows. helping us could help them. All teachers work hard, Mr Chad, Mr Martin, please work hard as well and help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. My mom and my aunt was asking me do I need any materials we can go and shop I said I trust the school I am in. why stress your self. In the morning I woke up with excitement jumping on the bed and singing in the bath room. When I came to school I felt butterfly’s in my stomache. I was flying up to the sky I thought I could spark the passel and get my materials drive to my spot and shift were it has to go. When I entered class I did not see anything in class same boring class I saw two weeks back. I was hoping it would arrive after assembly. When I entered class not even one box I saw. I felt so furious were I would go to Mr oteinos office and wack his butt so he could be alert but I felt I am too young to do it.

    One more hope for the chocolate is tomorrow if not I am seriously going to mr oteinos office and sayings NUMPTIE ALERT. Hahaha
    Anyways how did you feel Mr Chad??

    My emotions was frustration sadness and depression just like Saloni.

  17. When I woke up, I was fully pumped up. I was even ready to battle a cat. A wild one. When I came near class, I was talking to my friends about the start. But when I walked it, I was depressed. Empty canvases are one of the signs of boredom. Let’s face it.
    When we were in class after assembly and we had a small talk, Adam and I were yawning our head off!. But, I was kind of expecting this to happen. Mostly because the order was quite big, but also because the school didn’t seem to try.

  18. At the morning i was ready to go for school.I was so happy that the
    materials that are going to come.I never felt that i had the energy to do this.
    At home people were suprised that i was’nt that happy.I went and dressed ready to go to school,I went and had my breakfast so i can have more enery for today.I ran to school
    to see my materials when i stepped in the school i hope that i will have hope.After assembly i went to class to see my materials.It was not there,i told Mr CHAD about this.he said they were not brought yet.I felt like a foul to wake up so early at the morning just for this,guest what i found NOTHING!!!!!

  19. Hey, where’s the blog post?

  20. I have never seen people keeping so much detail on there comments on
    the blog.

  21. No blog post. Mr Chad you can do better than this.

  22. No blog one more time?! I know Mr.Chad is busy(I think…). So it’s fine.

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