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This time next week

Next week we will be setting up for the staging of the Exhibition. This is one week away. Please make a comment in your X Book about how you are feeling and why you are feeling that way. How are you going to prepare yourself to be as knowledgeable as you can and full of wisdom to answer all questions? We are looking for confident communicators that know what they are talking about. Do you know what you are talking about? How do you know?


Comments on: "This time next week" (12)

  1. I am feeling nervous because I keep on thinking what will happen during
    the staging of the exhibition to make myself prepared I will prepare
    my questions.

  2. i am kind of nervous bacause i have kind of not started but tommorow i am comming so i will start.

  3. I am feeling confident because I know that I’ve got the knowledge and I know what I’m talking about. To back up my first reason for confidence, I have 6 very rich in information papers and diagrams about what sitting bent and computers on their own can do to you.

    To make myself prepared, I will bring the miniature crane in once my vice is completed and I will also bring in a small bonsai tree/cardboard cut-out of a tree (I haven’t decided) and an old laptop. I will that assemble it into my complimentary piece.

  4. I agree with Fatma I am feeling nervous but then I also feel little bit confidence. Because for nervous I’m not really good at presenting and I’m not finish painting, but I will finish tomorrow my art piece. So I need to practice on Saturday and Sunday. So I need to collect one’s thoughts, interpret the results, summarize and collate data. And I need to use time well. Because I have a many things to do. Because I need to correct interview paper. And for confidence I was researching and asking people about my conviction. So I have a many information to present. What I did through this 6 weeks(?) made me little bit confidence. But now I’m very confidence. I think because I just write about it into comment. For prepare my self as knowledgeable I can look through my X Book. Because I researched many things. So I think that information is went to some where that means I forgot what I research and find. So I can look through the my X Book, but then the things I need to research I will research to people who knows answer(Kaigaishijo kyoiku zaidan).

    • Riko, why did you write (Kaigaishijo kyoiku zaidan) at the end of your comment?

      • The Kaigaishijo kyoiku zaidan is help people who is living in foreign countries. They are helping to develop my knowledge, they teach Japanese, math, social study and science. They knows many things so I ask to them and they knows about Japanese children overseas and Returnees. So it is good to ask them!

      • Oh. Thanks for clearing that up Riko!

  5. I am not nervous because I know that I am doing a topic that is important to me so I will know what to say and I won’t need my X-book that much while I am talking because the knowledge is in my head and it will just flow out of my mouth and not from a piece of paper or my X-book.

  6. Saloni Patel said:

    In the exhibition I am going to be confident because I will be pouring with information that I have collected over the past few years. I am going to make sure my sculpture looks nice and is going to be ready for presentation.

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