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Talal and Ruby have been working on their billboard design. Which one do you like the best and why? Top, center or bottom design.


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  1. I like the bottom one best because it stands out the most. It’s bright color on the bottom makes it stand out most.

  2. I think the best one in my opinion is the bottom because the message is a warning, so in red it really goes well with the warning.

  3. I like center one more than top and I like bottom one more than center one. So I like and I think Better design is BOTTOM DESIGN. Because the place where sentence is bottom one is red and other two is white. Red is showing ACTIVE, LIVELY, BRISK, etc. So they were working hard their project so I thought ed is better to use more than white. And I have a another reason. Top one and bottom one’s picture is different. Top one is little bit dark, but bottom one is bright. If you look picture properly you can see a difference between top one and bottom one. I think picture is different. You guys are stepped up and you guys are LEADER!

  4. I like the the bottom one most because in the background
    it is red I personally think that the red stands for

  5. I like the bottom one most because The red really makes it stand out rather than the white as the background colour for the slogan.

  6. In my opinion i think the best one would be the bottom because,
    i like the way we put red.It’s realy coming out with shine.

  7. i think all suck and talal luvs ruby

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