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Are we going to be mature tomorrow when we organize the seating arrangements? How can you help this process be enjoyable so that we all get what we want and think about other peoples’ feeling too?


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  1. Yes, I am going to be mature. I can make this experience fun by not arguing with my peers and doing the best I can with the seating arrangements.

    • Oh and one more thing? This one’s for all you gossips and teasers out there: At least we can be mature. You just do it because you are crying about how IMMATURE you are on the inside, you little immature numpties!

  2. I think I am going to be mature tomorrow. I can make it enjoyable
    by not teasing them and not saying that people are disgusting
    and all those stuff like sometimes I make fun of people but,
    I have learnt to appreciate them as who they are.

  3. I think I can be mature for the seating arrangements and we should because girls and boys are both human beings so there should be no problem at all,but some people are so immature they don’t thonk twice and say to themselves boys and girls are human beings not aliens from outer space

    • Did you mean to say “But some people are so immature and don’t think twice and say to themselves ‘Boys and girls are aliens from outer space not human beings’ “?

  4. I am sorry, but I do not think I am coming. My parents are saying I could go if I want, but I just don’t want to. It’s not because of our overall class immaturity, but I don’t think we will really have so much fun during the main dance when there is giggling and teasing. I know you have to ignore small minds, but what’s the point of going there and saying you are mature and then shaking and giggling and teasing others about them dancing. Will it really be a great, peaceful night of fun and no immaturity? Right now my decision stands as I’m not going, but maybe there’s a chance you could prove me wrong or convince me the fun of it. I’m sorry Mr Chad (don’t hate me, this is my opinion), but you know that this class is still not serious enough to pull this off, I don’t think any of us are. I am yet to understand what everyone is so crazy about this prom. For example, today a group of girls were acting crazily and going around Pranay and asking him immature silly questions. I would be looking forward to this but do we think we can pull this off, or deserve this serious, not silly occasion? Sorry, guys. šŸ˜¦

    • I am still deciding on whether to go, but for now I don’t think so, so I guess this is my decision. I also agree with Sarah. I think I can be mature enough, but others are really immature and start spreading rumors and vicious gossip.

    • I agree with you Rahul. This class is not still serious and this class are being crazy. Sorry but I agree with Rahul. We always say we will be mature but we always being crazy we always not being mature.

  5. Tomorrow I am going to take a step forward and become mature. I have now seen the importance as I head through middle school. I didn’t like being in that dark cloud and looking at everyone else have a chance to learn through maturity.

    When we are going through the process of the sitting arrangements I would like everyone including me to be organized and not whine for seats. This is because the seats are only for eating and keeping our personal belongings.

  6. I think we should be mature for the seating arrangements tomorrow because we are all human beings and we both deserve to be treated well. I can help this being enjoyable by not hurting other peoples feelings. For example if Fatma.r is told to sit next to taia and she says eewww how do you think taia would feel so I think we shouldn’t be disgusted to sit with the opposite gender.

  7. Mr.Chad I send you about PROM by Gmail. So please check your email. I am going to be mature when we organize the seating arrangements tomorrow. Also I am going to be mature all the time maybe except break time and lunch time. I can make this process be enjoyable by being kind and don’t be mean to other people, don’t arguing, think about other people’s feeling before I say something ans I do something to think about other peoplesā€™ feeling. I have a many things to be like.

  8. Today we were not being mature. Especially Khaleel and Jonathan (teasing me for sitting next to Sarah and liking Spider-Man)

    • I agree with you Jai. And sorry Jai that Khaleel and Jonathan was teasing you but your sitting next to Sarah that means you are MATURE because you are sitting with girl and other boys are no, and I also like Spider-Man, Spider-Man is cool but I don’t know about Spider-Man very much…. And also people who says “Tomorrow I am going to be mature.” sorry but they are just being crazy but some people are at first they are being crazy but they went to be mature. I think that is a good things.

  9. Today I was very mature during the seating arrangements luckily not all of us were wild immature numpties. I am also glad every one is glad with there sitting arrangements.

    • I was really glad everyone today was really mature. No one complained about their seating arrangements. Even those who used to be immature are now mature. I think everyone is looking forward to the prom night.

      I hope this maturity continues and that soon we will have no problem collaborating and working together. The only problem for me now is to slow dance.

  10. it was cool seeing me going for my first prom

  11. I was mature today when we were doing the seating arrangements.Today when we were writing where we will be sitting I was next to Nawaf and normally he doesn’t like that but today I didn’t have to tell him to be mature and I think that was really nice of him.Also,when we were getting sodas and cake he wasn’t fussy and even though I couldn’t get a cherry for him he was ok with it and didn’t shout at me.Also,even though he saw that I was taking a lot of time getting his soda,he just waited for me to finish and then gave me my cake and soda politely.Thank you for being so polite,patient and mature Nawaf!

  12. I think that if want to ask somebody you can if you don’t then don’t force your self just sit and watch the others dance don’t make fun of them and giggle and then tell the whole world who danced with who, who was hanging out with this person I am saying this because it happens to me every time when I talk to a boy people start saying” YOU DONT LIKE HIM YOU LOVE HIM” “OOOOOLLLLLAAAAAALAAAA” Stuff like that and I get embareced then the friend who I was talking to whenever we meet we don’t even say hi.


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