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Please click on this link: http://riko2013.wordpress.com

This is what everyone’s Eportfolio should be like and look like at this stage of the year.

Does yours look like that? Why is that?

Why do you think Riko’s looks like this? What attitudes is she demonstrating?


Comments on: "Riko’s Eportfolio" (21)

  1. I agree with Mr. Chad because I have noticed that everyday she would post something in her personal blog.She would read one book in Raz kids she is a true leader in class. I think my blog is like Rikos. But mostly its full of fashion. To be honest if you are in my personal blog you need to be mature enough because of the images. Once a week I would read three books in Raz kids. Riko has good time management. You know what Riko reads a book daily right Raz kids has helped her to improve her english remember BOOKS IS KNOWLEDGE and KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. This is for Riko keep it up and dont let go of this pressure

    Mr. Chad I think Riko is sitting on numpties and farting on them. But first of all are the numpties still of them or they have changed or they is no more numpties YES no more numpties in class.

  2. My blog does not look like that. Her blog is full of interpretations and ideas. My blog isn’t like hers because it does not have as many posts as hers. Also for every post Riko has a lot of detailed information whereas I write half of what she writes!

    I think Riko has a great E- portfolio even though she is still learning English she has showed a sign of a independent learner.
    The attributes she shows are:
    – Confidence
    – Organized
    – Independence

    Riko keep up the great work!

  3. My blog does not look like that. I think Riko’s blog is like that becauseshe goes there every day and writes a blog post. She is learning english and U can’t beleive how detailed it is! I think the attitudes that Riko is showing are:

  4. I think riko e-portfolio looks like that because she’s a good learner
    and she is ready to go to middle school riko is demonstrating:
    organized,independent,wise and a good learner.

  5. No my blog isn’t like Rikos, Rikos is much more detailed and even if you don’t know her you will still say this girls blog is very nice and you can tell she is organized by the evidence of her learning in her blog. My blog doesn’t look like hers because I don’t think I put enough effort into my blog but I will start to today I will also show that I am a flyer. I think Rikos blog looks like the way it does because she puts a lot of effort into her eportfolio.

    The attitudes are:

    Good job Riko.

  6. My blog is not like that. I have been posting, but not as much. Well, I have seen her blog a lot and even commented on one post. She has put in so much effort into it! I mean, for starters, she posts every day, which is not what we do. Then, she posts in detail, following the post rules.

  7. Honestly I do not think my E-portfolio is like Riko’s because:

    1. She is an independent learner and takes time to post every day.
    2. I don’t really even think about my blog.

  8. My blog is like that because I always go to the my personal blog and Monday to Friday I post a blog. Almost everyday except when we have a holiday and on Saturday and Sunday I post a blog from October. But beginning I wasn’t write a blog detailed more than now. But now everyday I’m writing detailed my blog. I think because at the beginning I was lazy but now I’m not lazy, I like to post a blog and I think my English has growned I don’t know how to say but I became good at English. But not so much.

  9. Riko has really improved in her English and all the other subjects. we should be happy to get a student like Riko.

  10. Riko’s blog is definitely not like mine because she puts in a lot of effort and time into her posts whereas mine aren’t as detailed as hers.The attitudes she is showing are:
    She is also being a thinker and writing her thoughts into her posts.Great job Riko!
    Keep up the good work.

  11. Riko when you go to japan I hope you don’t forget us keep practicing English then one day come to school and you will speak better English than we do.

    • Yes, I know I need to practice English and I told Ms.Ann that I will continue to read a book from Raz-Kids.

  12. Wow. What is there to say about Riko. How do you describe something or someone when they are totally different from another planet and not classified to us. That’s the situation she’s forcing on us.Riko is flying and soaring like a lone eagle, while the rest of us are flying, but half the amount as Riko, and some not even leaving the ground. (You know who you are, intellectually challenged Numpties…..)
    No, my blog is definitely not like hers. Her blog has more than 100 posts, while today I was celebrating for doing my 30th post. What a difference. And it’s not like she writes randomly without thought and detail. She writes every post properly with determination.

    The skills she is showing are:
    I can keep going on about the skills she is modelling, but that would go on forever…….:-)
    Keep up ALL the skills you model, Riko, and use them in your everyday life. Always keep this positive and determined attitude.

    • I think her E-Portfolio stands for the 3 top skills she possesses:
      Yeah, Riko’s Energetic-Portfolio. 🙂

      • Thank you Rahul! But I like your blog and I know that you were post a blog when we had a holidays I watched your blog when I was in Japan for holidays. Your writing was so detailed and thoughtful! Well done Rahul!

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