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Jai has been a real shining light this year. He is always on the blog where he contributes and shares ideas. During discussions he gives great insight by sharing his thoughts, this always lifts the conversation to another level. How do you see Jai? What do you learn from Jai?


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  1. Thanks Mr. Chad. I really appreciate the post. I didn’t think I’d make it here. Once again, thanks a lot.

  2. Jai is FLYER. I like his blog and on his blog there is writing his thought, feeling, TED, experience and knowledge. Sometimes I learnt something from his blog. And some post are I can connect to my experience, thought and feelings. I learnt from Jai’s post a title is “NEVER GIVE UP” and he is connecting to TED that people who is talking about “You should never give up.”. And Jai said “If you are frustrated with some work, game, PERSON. Do not give up on it.”. I learnt from what he wrote. I have so many times that frustrated with my friends. When I frustrated with my friends I cry, mad, I feel so many things. And sometimes my friends don’t listen to me I think because they are mad at me or they just don’t want to talk with me. But I never gave up. Because I want to avoid getting into bad terms with my friends. And also I want to know a reason and I want to say sorry to them. So now she became my friend. Because I had a conversation with her! Jai you are a true LEADER(FLYER)!

  3. I see Jai as a rolemodel to me because I find that his ideas are very creative and for the blog he writes very thoughtful detailed comments. In the first term he wasn’t giving his best but now he puts effort and his heart into the things he is doing, keep it up!😉

  4. Reblogged this on Jai's E-Portfolio and commented:
    If I were to describe my first semester, it would be slowly coming round the mountain slowly. If I were to describe my second semester, it would be sprinting up a skyscraper.

  5. saloni p said:

    I see Jai as an independent learner who has stepped up and achieved all his goals this year. I remember him not doing so good in his first units but the way I see him now is completely different. He is a flyer and I hope he continues to be one.

    I learn a lot from Jai especially vocabulary. He is the expert when it comes to complicated words.

  6. i think that jai is a boy that deserves to be on the blog he is committed to his leaning he is a grate friend he has potential and he deserves it more than me and he is an interesting guy he is very lucky to be at a position that he will become like his brother and sister he is a successful BOY he has the attitude to be amazing.

  7. I see Jai as a great role model for everyone an independent learner and a flyer. On the blog he is always gathering great ideas to put on the blog. He is committed in his learning and he is always committed to the things he does in class.

  8. Jai has been shining not only that but he is very mature. I asked to dance and he said yes while some boys asked this girl but they said no. Jai you are always on the blog and u are very intelligent. Keep it up.

  9. Jai has been the most mature out of all the boys and that is why Mr.Chad gave the prom king crown to Jai from Nawaf. Jai is a role model to mostly everyone and I think that is a sign of an independent learner. Keep it up Jai:)

  10. I think Jai has really improved and he has been
    the most mature boy i know so

  11. fuk up ya nerdy birdys

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