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The above students are the ones that have not logged into or read any books on RAZ KIDS. There seems to also be a very obvious connection too. The same students are the ones that do not go to the blog. What does this mean? It means the students who really should be reading this post – aren’t.

If you are reading this, it means you are consistently on the blog and you are consistently reading. This is a sign of a good learner.

Why do you always step up and do the things that you know will help you be a better learner? What advice do you have for your more apathetic classmates?


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  1. I do it because it is what I enjoy. I enjoy reading and blogging. I really do.

    Some advice I can give to my more apathetic classmates is to STEP UP. For most of them, we keep telling them and the never do step up. But there are a precious few who actually step up. I want more of those people in class.

    • Well said, Jai! Once again, like a BOSS! According to you, am I one of the ‘few’ who stepped up?

    • Jai, as Pranay said, like a BOSS! Great comment. I concur with you. There are very few that fly and really are committed. It’s usually the similar group as which models this. It’s also mostly the same group that does the total opposite of what the flying group does. I hope this changes. The question is, is there enough time for them to change, and is there a big enough part in them to lead them? Or does the misbehaving side of their body rule, meaning there is no chance of them changing? 😦 All these questions will be answered in these last few days of the term. Please let Mr Chad leave relieved, with us on a high note in the last couple of weeks.

    • I actually feel that I have a moral obligation to comment and go to Raz-Kids

  2. First things first, IN YOUR FAIS! Those who say I am never on the blog, IN YOUR FAIS! I am THERE!
    Next, like Jai, I hope people become like me. Kidding! I hope there are more Jai’s out there! Starting out bad ( everyone’s there) then becoming great ( like me ), then not like me, who sucked one again. But I am now BACK!

    • Pranay, this is not Google+, so just write a normal, education comment. Please don’t type a ‘Pranay-like’ comment (crazy, sometimes doesn’t make sense. Be unique and original, but not over the top.

  3. I go to Raz-Kids because it’s what I enjoy doing. Reading is one of my passions, so I volunteer to do it. I can read, listen, and answer questions in Raz-Kids. It’s like a reading orientation, but in a fun way.
    The advice I want to give is very essential for learning. There is a lot of advice to give, but what I think is most important is to think of whatever you’re doing positively. Raz-Kids can’t be fun for you if you don’t enjoy. Simple logic. If you think of the positive side your mind will automatically focus on the enthusiasm. Let yourself flow and you will have fun reading and imagine the books meaning. Really, I don’t know why you struggle reading in Raz-Kids. I go with the flow and my mind will just become oblivious to my ‘reality’ surroundings and switch to imagination mode. Just give it a try and soon you will understand the need to read. 🙂

  4. I also do it because I love reading.Though I didn’t go there last week,I am always there.And,I am also on the blog almost everyday.And even if I miss a post,I go to it the next day.I am sorry that I did not go to Raz-Kids, but I am sure that it will not happen again.I have some advice for the others and myself too,and it is to have more time management and keep a to-do list(which I do).

  5. I get quite cooked up in work and I keep on forgetting to go to Raz-Kids I love Reading books I read books every time but I get cooked up in work so I will try to spend more time in going to RAZ- KIDS reading a book at answering the questions. Like right now I am doing that.

    • Saloni Patel said:

      Dish Raz-Kids is part of home learning which is work. Great work! Everyone in life is busy in something or another. I think the problem is that you don’t manage your time well.

  6. Saloni Patel said:

    I go to Raz Kids thrice a week and read a book. This is because I understand the importance of it as it includes your listening and reading skills. The best part is the quiz which can tell you how well you have understood the book according to your grades.

  7. I think I am not a numptie. I am always in the blog. I read 2 books a week on Monday and Friday. I have a time table set in my brain. Once in a while I can’t come to the blog the reason is wifi connection. I love reading online and posting something in my personal blog. Then I come to concentricthinking to make a comment. Everyone knows that my blog is full of my passion and when you come to my personal blog you need to be mature. I read a book is because I can have more knowledge and make my English better. I read a book according with authors. I have a advice to numpties you need to STEP UP!!! One question if you don’t come to the blog or read a book in raz kids why do you highlight the circles that I have completed that. How do you do your 2 tasks. Numpties and dumptys I have a example Riko does not know English right that’s in the past when Raz kids came in her English improved and could make her writings and comments detailed all that happened when you read remember BOOKS ARE KNOWLEDGE and KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

  8. I always go to the blog because I am an independent learner I focus on what I am supposed to do and I do this because I know that I am supposed to do this. And I know that Mr.Chad never forces us to do things so if you don’t do the right thing Mr.Chad will just give up on you but when you are constantly on the blog and constantly on RAZ kids you should be an independent learner, And remember Mr.Chad never forces you to do things. The advice I have for the apathetic learners is that try your best to do the correct thing, Remember you will never be forced to do things.

  9. I do it because it will jelp me in life. For example the blog qill help me to be a better writer. My advice is to step up first if all and then think how it will you in life and why it is important to do those things.

  10. Sorry yesterday I couldn’t post a comment because internet was not connecting.
    I do it because same reason with Sarah. Because it will help me in my life. And also I’m enjoying! That why everyday I’m going to the blog, Raz-Kids and my personal blog(but except when internet is not connecting). All of them(blog, Raz-Kids and my personal blog) are helping to overcome my KRYPTONITE. My KRYPTONITE is English. Before I was lazy and I didn’t understand English. So my comment was like “I like this classroom because it’s clean.”. But now I can write detailed comment but still I need to learn English.

    Advice… I think if you can mange a time you can do it(but I’m not good at management so my mother always mad at me…). Or you can think reading is so FUN, going to blog is so FUN, blog post is so FUN, like think positive way, not negative way!

  11. First of all I have been on raz kids way more than that.I mean I went there on friday saturday and sunday.I am really mad about this machine saying the wrong Information.But the blog is true I have not been on it daily just like a few times only.

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