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Feeling Anxious?


What are you most worried or anxious about when it comes to moving from 5K to middle school next year?
Write honestly about something you either know will happen or think will happen as you transition from PYP to MYP that you feel anxious about

What are you worried/concerned/fearful/anxious about?
Why do you feel that way?
How do you think you will overcome it?


Comments on: "Feeling Anxious?" (24)

  1. The thing that is worrying me the most is, how can I cope with so much homework? The reason why I am worried about it is because I think my level of responsibility can’t fit with the amount of homework we are given. I think i can overcome it by being more organized and being stressed out, be calm relax and just d my homework.

    • Sarah i know your worried about going to the
      next class,and then you have to do homework
      and do a lot of crap. Don’t worry everyone will get
      used to it.

    • Sarah i even feel worried to all you just have to do is crap.
      There is know other teacher like Mr chad that can help us here
      in this school. All the other teacher are just crap,You remember
      when mr chad said i carred about you that how he’s going to miss you.

      • Sorry everyone.

      • Talal! Punctuation. Make it sensible and understandable. 🙂 Remember, read your comment before posting to make sure you’ve written it properly. In Senior School, they would decrease points from you if you don’t use punctuation.

      • Um, Talal, why did you keep using the word “Crap”? Other people apart from the school visit this blog, y’know.

      • Yeah, Jai’s right. Not everyone is that bad, and deserves such discouragement. How would you feel if everyone just called YOU ‘crap’. 😦

  2. I wonder how much homework will get when will go to
    the next class at senior school. Also i wonder how much
    time i will get to go and play, i wonder how many books we
    are going to carry at the next class.At the next class i will
    always need help because it will be complicated at senior
    school.And also how many assessments and big projects
    will get at next year.You know the higher level or grades
    you get the bigger projects you get.there are other classes
    at senior school, they give you early dead lines for your projects.

  3. The thing that is worrying me the most is the same as Sarah’s because as she said,my level of responsibility can’t fit with the homework.Also,some of the assignments you are given can be many and you might have to give them all in the next day and so that really stresses me out.I think I can overcome it the same way as Sarah and also by spending less time lazing around doing nothing.

  4. Saloni Patel said:

    The challenges I think I will face in middle school are:
    – How will I mange to do all the school work when my time management skills are bad.
    – Will I pass my “assessments” ?
    – How will I carry all my books for each subject?
    – How will I manage learning from so many children?

  5. I am worried about how I will cope with all that homework (I know, cliché). Because homework will pile, is boring, and, let’s face it, SUCKS. I will cope with this by the only available option: succumbing to the pressure. Because unless anyone else has a suggestion, this is the only way…:-(. Also, they won’t teach us a lot. They assume we know every topic, so they just leave us with a textbook that doesn’t teach us. If we tell them we don’t understand, they throw a textbook in our face. So, they are basically getting paid to throw textbooks in our face.

  6. I am worried because with all that homework how will i go swimming training some of the challenges are:

    what if i fail in my test?

    How will i carry that heavy bag with books to each and every class?

    What will happen if we come late to school?

    And the most important thing WILL I GET TIME FOR MYSELF?

    I very scared to go to the next level i hope everything goes well.

    • OH YEAH, forgot! No! I can barely carry my bag when it’s full of my books. Now more books and bigger back and spinal damage. My back will break. Will I survive with my bag and books. I will remove all the books I don’t need and keep them back when I need them. I will dump all of them in my locker. That’s right, a better change, finally.

  7. I am worried about how I will cope with this homework everybody
    who knows me know that I am not organised right know
    talking about this makes me feel butterflies in my
    tummy I have so much questions in my head right know.

  8. The challenges I will face in senior school
    – how will I manage and publish the assignments when I’m not well organized
    – will I pass my assignments
    – how will I mange this strict boring teacher of mine
    -how can I carry fatso books to class to class
    -How can I avoid detention
    Sometimes I am too lazy to do home learning so I say next day will publish it
    If I am lazy I will get detention and my brain is to tiny to manage all this
    If I make a small mistake would I get detention
    Who will be there to support me
    Can I change my attitude

  9. I am worried about how I will cope with my anger issues and how I will control my anger because if I always fight I will always be like that and never change my behaviour and my attitudes. I will overcome it by starting now I will be cool, calm and relaxed.When people make me angry I will be cool and calm and I will tell them that they are bothering me.

  10. I am worried because if my body grows slower than others they might tease me.I also am worried if I can handle all that work.My brother in DP says that sometimes you work till midnight to get assignments finished so he drinks a lot of coffee.The last thing I am worried about will I still have my old friends.

  11. I know it will be very challenging moving to MYP. I am lucky because my brother is in Class 8 so I can use him as my role model.

    Time management is one of my biggest worries. I like to take my time doing my work and I know I will need to work a lot faster next year. Will I have time to do the thing I have time to do today, things like go to the club on Friday evening, play with my friends at the weekends.

    Having so many subjects and teachers is another scary thing. Will I be able to cope?

    I think it is time for me to grow up. If I put my mind to it, I can do it.

    • I agree with you, Tiana. Time management will be a big problem for ALL of us during the whole of Senior School. We need to all stick to each other to not fail/to keep calm and away from the rush and stress zone. It will be very difficult and I don’t know how I will cope for these next 6 years in Senior School.

  12. I am worried, concerned, fearful, and anxious about our level of learning, or more importantly, amount of homework. I hear they give 10 page essays, projects, models to do, and a lot more, all in one day. So another change, daily homework, no resting, just working our butts off until night. I’m not really seeing a positive side to these changes. They are all looking like challenges…….
    Someone, PLEASE, find a positive side to this shocking ‘child labour’ (exaggeration) they call ‘Middle School’! Just kidding. But anyway, just forget about the challenges in future and think about the great things we should make the most of now. A new approach to a classroom, Mr Chad, weekly home-learning, all that gone and changing. Automatically becoming a challenge.
    I agree with Tiana. Time management is a big worry and concern for me too. Managing my time for work in school and rushing from classroom to classroom, coping with my homework and probably missing cricket at Mombasa Sports Club, and a lot more stressful things. Will I even have time to play at break and lunch time and have fun, or be too serious with work and become stressed. I hope things won’t be too stiff there and we have a decent time at least.There are too many things to worry about and be anxious about. My mind keeps buzzing about this subject now. Please Mr Chad come to Year 6! If you can’t at least teach the teachers your different ways. Please help us. Mr Chad! 🙂

    • I found out a good, helpful change. Our new lockers! 🙂 Yes. We can dump all our books in there. Minor back damage, and lighter bags. Thank you. At least the school will provide this to us. I have to say, I’m really surprised at them helping us in the right time, and not giving things to us so LATE.

  13. Mehwish said:

    The challenges I might face in senior school are
    -More homework, more often.
    -More tests and quizzes (especially the “pop” kind).
    -Term papers that are longer and contribute towards a big chunk of your grade.
    -Midterms and final exams that cover everything you’ve learned in a certain class.
    -assignments and more assessments every week
    -Less group work, which means you’re going to work on your own.

    The changes I fear facing in senior school
    – more heavier bags of books
    -As you get to higher grades subjects are getting harder
    -Change my schedule to accommodate more lessons and maybe fewer activities
    -What worries me is that my time management skills are poor. Timely handing in assignments or coming late to school will contribute to my mark marks or I may get detention
    – late nights of studying

    How I plan to deal with these:
    – organizing my self
    -having good time management skills
    -coming early to school
    -preparing myself with appositive attatuied
    -having good effient friends as role models

  14. Sorry yesterday night internet wasn’t connecting so today morning I’m going to post a comment.
    I’m feeling anxious and worried about LEARNING. I think study will be hard and also I’m worry about my friends. For study I think it will be hard and I like study but I’m not good at study so I’m worrying(but I’m very happy that science will come) and also WORDS will be difficult so I need to bring my dictionary to school. For my friends, class will change so I have a close good friends but I don’t have a close friends, I have a friends in other classroom but not close and also sometimes other class’s people are teasing or make fun of me so I don’t want to change my classroom and I don’t want to change classmates. And also I’m worrying about homework because in Y5 not so many homework but when I was living in Manila my Japanese friend’s sister had lot of homework. So I know that homework will increase…. And this homework(now) is good to manage but if homework is increase that is a hard to manage. And also I’m worrying about manage time because time will be change so I’m used MYP’s time but I’m unused PYP’s time so I’m worrying about time management.

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